Installing Blinds and Window Shades

Blinds for the new patio door are installed, as well as a variety of blinds and shades in other rooms throughout the house.

Clip Summary

The new windows have been trimmed with blinds from Bali Blinds. In the kitchen, where a new patio door has been installed, the windows have a unique treatment. Dave Wahtera of Bali Blinds runs through the installation process. First the brackets are drilled into place followed by the head rail. The head rail allows the blind to traverse the rail smoothly. It is helpful to have an extra set of hands during the installation of the head rail. The veins snap into the vinyl stems. The plastic stems, if broken, can be easily replaced. Bali Sheer Enchantment fabric is then placed over the plastic stems making the closed blinds look like draperies. The sheer fabric is snapped into place over the plastic stems. The fabric can be washed if needed. A wood cornice is placed over the top of the blind to hide the head rail. The cord is screwed into place so children cannot get at it. The blind allows three options: One where everything is closed, another where the plastic stems are open and the fabric is in place to let in light but give some privacy, and the last where the blind is completely open giving a view of the backyard. Upstairs in the bedroom and dressing room, Bali Diamond Cell cordless shades were installed. They have a top-down, bottom-up feature that gives privacy and options for letting in light. In the children's room, Bali roller shades were installed featuring racing stripe colors. The basement features Bali Natural Shades made of natural products like reed and bamboo, which nicely fit the room's decor.
And, of course, we added new windows, and we've just trimmed them out with these new Bali blinds. Up in the kitchen we've installed, where we have a 9-foot patio door, we've installed a very unique new treatment. Watch.

OK, what we're putting up here today is the sheer enchantment blind from Bali. And first of all, we're going to start with these heavy duty brackets I have already measured.

So what we'll do is put 'em in, and then we'll put the head rail up.

We've got the heavy duty head rail here, and if you look inside it's got a steel pantograph or a scissors option, which give you smooth traversing when you put the blind up.
And it's always good to have a second pair of hands, because we've got a nine foot slider and that's kind of hard to do by yourself. But it just snaps right in.

OK, now we are going to snap the veins in The veins snap right into the vinyl stems. And just remember to put the notch towards the back wall.

And if the plastic stems, down the road, happen to break they're very easily replaced.

OK, now that we've got the louvers in now, we have the controls which will give you total privacy.
If you close them, or you can open them up so you can see outside.

But now, we're going to go one step further with the fabric we're going to add on top of this.
The valley sheer enchantment will give you the. look of draperies. And how we're gonna do that , we're just going to snap it right onto each loop.

You start at one corner, doesn't make any difference, what you want to do. Slide this right on. You notice those little snaps? And, just go all the way down the line.

The beauty of this is if it happens to get dirty then you can just unsnap it, throw it in the wash with a little Woolite.

Do not put it in the dryer, and just hang it right back up. And you get it nice and clean. At the bottom we hold the sheer in place by a thread which just slips right into the vein.

To cap it off, we add the beautiful wood cornice option to hide the headrail.

Make sure you screw down the core so children can't get at it.
It's a safety feature, make sure you do it.

With everything in place, we're going to show you the three light control options. First of all, with the vanes closed, we have total room darkening and you open them up, and we look through sheer fabric. It gives you a beautiful drapery look, and third of all, if you traverse the blind out of the way, we give the clear view of your backyard.

Upstairs, in the bedroom and in the dressing room, we feature Bali DiamondCell cordless shades and they also have a top down, bottom up feature, which gives you privacy and also lets you have light come in through the top.

They're cordless, which are great for kids, there's no strings in the boy's bedroom, Bally roller shades, they come in really cool racing stripe, colors, blues and yellows, and the kids love them.

There room darkening, and the kids really sleep late in the morning, and Sarah loves that.

OK, down in the basement we feature Bally Natural Shades.
Those are made of natural products, like reed and bamboo, and they also feature a beautiful wooden balance and some edge banning to go around and really, fits into the decor really nice.