Inspecting the Steel Reinforcements Before the Concrete Pour

Bob meets with Jesse Gonzales to learn more about steel reinforcements and storm-resistant roofing.

Clip Summary

Jesse Gonzalez joins Bob at the Punta Gorda storm-ready home to explain the roofing process. The crew has already nailed on the 30 pound asphalt-impregnated felt paper. They are now hot mopping 90 pound roll roofing with asphalt adhesive to make it adhere to the felt paper below. Gonzalez shows Bob the decorative wood dormers on the front of the house that are wrapped in house paper to protect against water intrusion. Bob remarks on the decorative arches above the front entry porch and the front window. They mirror each other as design elements and will both feature decorative columns. Around the back of the house the crew is completing a section of roof deck. They are using 5/8-inch plywood sheathing for a stiffer, more wind-resistant roof deck. The crew uses metal plywood clips to align the plywood and keep it even for nailing.