Wiring an Electrical Box to Support a Backup Generator

Bob meets with Electrician Harry Cunningham to install a backup generator.

Clip Summary

Electrician Harry Cunningham and Kim Hansen of Square D/ Schneider Electric join Bob to explain the electrical box that supports the household power and backup generator. Two power sources feed into the service box—the utility and the generator. There is a safety check in place to prevent the generator from automatically taking over the power load or feeding out into the street to power the neighborhood. The switch in the box must be flipped to protect power from surging through the outlets when work is being performed or the environment is unsafe. The generator allows for flexible power and the opportunity to switch between circuits. The homeowners can decide to power up an air conditioner during a storm, switch circuits to do laundry, or power up the TV and family computer. In an emergency, the system allows homeowners to tailor their energy use to suit the needs of their home and family.