Applying a Textured Finish to the Drywall Interior Walls

Doug Frueh shows Bob how to apply a textured finish to a fiberglass-faced wall and Jim Trottier installs a pre-hung hollow-core door. Then Bob looks at the finish and color of the oversized porcelain floor tiles.

Clip Summary

Doug Frueh of West Coast Drywall is in the bedroom applying a textured finish to the fiberglass-faced walls. He is using Magnum, a dry mix that is blended with water to the desired consistency, then sprayed on the wall with an airless sprayer. The effect is a splattered, built-up texture that is allowed to sit for a couple of minutes before being knocked down with a plastic wedge trowel that evens out the surface but maintains the texture. This technique is fast and low-moisture, making it a perfect finish for Florida construction. Frueh says he can complete a house in just a couple of hours. Jim Trottier of RBP Trim is installing eight foot, pre-hung hollow-core doors in the Punta Gorda house. These Cremona model doors have a flared top and come with precut headers, legs, and colonial trim. Trottier shows how he pins the door in place, matching the reveal down both sides. He then checks the door for plumb and switches to a heavy duty nail gun before shooting the door in place. Trottier shims the door from the outside, using precut shims under hinges to maintain the door's stability. The Porcelanosa oversized tiles are fully installed in the main living space of the Punta Gorda home. Bob looks at the color and the finish, which are unusual in a Florida home, but very soothing. The metallic-look tiles are darker than the light walls and bright light that flood the space, absorbing the brightness and calming and cooling the space.