Laying Porcelain Oxidized-Look Tiles

Bob and Anthony Lopez install porcelain tiles for a decorative look.

Clip Summary

Anthony Lopez from Porcelanosa is at the Punta Gorda house for the installation of their Ferroker series oxidized-look tiles and Antic Colonial glass tile border. Porcelanosa is porcelain tile that is fired and glazed for maximum durability and unique stone and marble-look finishes. This tile is designed for interior, exterior, residential, and commercial applications. Bob remarks that the metallic look is uncommon in a traditional Florida home and gives the house a very contemporary look. The 17"x26" inch tiles cost about the same as natural stone at $8 per square foot and come in a wide array of stone-look textures, colors, and shades. The glass inset tiles are from Porcelanosa's Listello series and have shades of metal and stone throughout. The tile setter is applying a layer of thinset to the slab and then working it with a notched trowel before laying the first course of tile. The glass tile surround must be built up underneath to lay flush with the large format tiles. The tile setter uses tile spacers to maintain even grout lines as the tiles set. Once they are squared and checked, these tiles serve as the setline for the next course of tile. The overall design will be a staggered, offset pattern across the field. Lopez explains that maintenance for these tiles is as simple as mopping with a natural stone soap or detergent.