Installing the Dishwasher

Mike Goodrich show Bob how to install a dishwasher

Clip Summary

Mike Goodrich from Tranquility Plumbing is in Punta Gorda for the installation of the Whirlpool dishwasher. Goodrich explains that he has cut holes through the cabinet for the drain line up top and the water line down low. The dishwasher itself is encased in insulation to keep it quiet during operation. Once the drain line has been fed through the hole and the water line attached, Goodrich slides the dishwasher into place. He adjusts the feet to get it level and checks for even spacing along the sides and top. Goodrich will use short screws to attach the clips on the dishwasher to the wood countertop substrate. This will prevent the dishwasher from moving or rocking forward when the door is open.