Plumbing Fittings and Faucets, Energy Star, Whole-House Surge Protection

Bob works with Bob and Dan Gerry to install kitchen sink fixtures. Then the ceiling fan is put in and a Square D All House Surge Arrester is installed.

Clip Summary

Bob and Dan Gerry form Tranquility Plumbing agree that budgeting for high-quality fittings and fixtures is important. The Moen diverter and sprayer that Gerry is installing is a great unit that is easily repaired by the homeowner. Gerry says that it is important to consider availability of parts when selecting fixtures, because every faucet will need repairs sometime. Gerry runs the supply line then adds a weight that will pull it though as soon as the sink is installed. He also fits the shut-off valves and tightens them in place so that water can be shut off at the site without needing to turn off service to the entire house. The ceiling fan is being installed in the Punta Gorda home. Its workbox must be firmly mounted to hold the ceiling fan in place. This house is Energy Star qualified, which means that, in addition to the insulation, windows, and building materials, the appliances are also Energy Star rated. Fluorescent bulbs are used in the fixtures to reduce energy use throughout the year. The burnished brass-look fixtures are from Sea Gull Lighting and are all Energy Star certified. A surge protector is being installed in the Punta Gorda storm-ready house to protect the home's appliances, cicuitry, data, phone, and televisions from stray voltage that can ruin appliances. The Square D All House Surge Arrester is designed to redirect transient high voltage to a ground and away from the household circuitry. The attachments for cable and satellite TV, phone, data, and low voltage appliances are wired into a breaker connected to a monitor that tells whether the service has suffered a strike from lighting or power spikes. A light indicates to the homeowner whether the protection was activated.