Architects' Design for Warehouse Rehab

Project: Waterfront Warehouse Rehab, Episode 1, Part 3

Bob begins a project in Brooklyn, New York, in an area known as "DUMBO", or Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. With beautiful downtown Manhattan in the background, Bob delivers a brief history of Brooklyn's waterfront area. Next, he joins his son, Chris Vila, who is manager of the project, to discuss what's in store. Slated for three floors of residential space, the building will reserve its ground floor for commercial use. Jared Della Valle and Andrew Bernheimer chat with Chris about possible floor plans, while Bob talks with Jacker Beyer, of Beyer Blinder Belle, about restoring the façade.
Part 1: Welcome to Brooklyn!
Part 2: Architectural Plans for Warehouse Conversion
Part 3: Architects' Design for Warehouse Rehab
Bob meets with architectural restoration specialist Jack Beyer to get up to speed on the exterior design plans for the rehab project. Beyer reviews some pitfalls of rehabbing landmark buildings, for instance, satisfying the multiple overlapping regulatory agencies that must approve changes to a building's structure, mechanics, and style.

Bob discovers that the building is being converted for (at least) the second time. It was originally a three-floor residential building. Later, it was converted to commercial use.

Beyer observes that, while the building is in need of extensive repair, it is structurally sound. He shows Bob sketches of the proposed renovations, which include two entrances, ground-floor commercial space with a show window, and a possible added story set back from the façade.