Touring Lincoln Road in Miami Beach

Bob visits Lincoln Road guided by architectural historian Allan Shulman, who chronicles the Lincoln Road saga from its beginning with Carl Fisher, "Mr. Miami Beach," to its period of revitalization under architect Morris Lapidus, to its current status as a popular shopping, dining, and people-watching strip.

Clip Summary

Bob visits Lincoln Road with architectural historian Allan Shulman, who recounts how, in 1915, Carl Fisher, "Mr. Miami Beach", imagined Lincoln Road as a grand thoroughfare (along the lines of Fifth Avenue in New York or Rue de la Paix in Paris).

For years, Lincoln Road was home to elite shops, department stores, hotels, and theaters, until its decline in the 1950s. Reborn as a pedestrian mall, as envisioned by architect Morris Lapidus, Lincoln Road became an outdoor promenade and city garden with exotic plants and fanciful pavilions.

More recently, Lincoln Road has again been rediscovered and renewed. Today, it's a popular spot for shopping, dining, and people-watching.

Shulman runs down the architectural history of the theatres, hotels, restaurants, and stores lining the avenue, and indicates how architectural philosophy and practice has evolved over time.