10 Accessories for the Fashionable Fireplace

We've rounded up the best fireplace accessories to poke, air, and shield flames while keeping your hearth looking great.

  1. Art Deco

    fireplace accessories screen

    Hand-crafted and finished from iron, this gold-circle fireplace screen embodies the elegance, glamour, functionality and modern aesthetic of Art Deco. Place it in a traditionally decorated space with gold accents, Persian rugs, and crystal chandeliers—or in any room that needs a lively spark!


  2. Hot Air

    fireplace accessories bellows

    Looking for a safe way to fan the flames? Avoid diving in face first with your lips pursed! Instead, reach for the handheld bellows. A tool designed to deliver a directed stream of air, bellows can help you get the fire started, and keep it blazing, while leaving the mess of ashes where it belongs—in the fireplace.


  3. Poking Fun

    Poking Fun

    Hand-forged fireplace tools made from recycled railroad tracks offer a unique way to poke, stoke, and scoop all things fire-related. With an antique blacksmith feel, such simple yet distinct accessories will melt easily into most decorating schemes.


  4. Strike It

    fireplace accessories wooden matches

    Lighters can be so pedestrian. Why not up the style ante with some Jonathan Adler-designed extra-long wooden matches to keep combustion at a safely away from your fingertips? Best of all, hunting for a match becomes a thing of the past, since the packaging is pretty enough to leave out in the open.


  5. Basket Case

    fireplace accessories metal mesh tote

    Sturdy and portable, a metal mesh tote will hold all your wood and fire-starting accessories in an organized manner. Want more log storage inspiration? Check out 12 other hot ways to store firewood.


  6. Man's Best Friend

    fireplace accessories andirons

    Andirons—iron brackets that hold up burning logs within the firebox—have been transformed into a whimsical, functional pair of sculpted bronze dogs. Country homes, log cabins, and cozy dens will love the addition of these watchful, loyal companions.


  7. Mission

    fireplace accessories mission fireplace screen

    Simple in line and form, this Mission-style fireplace screen eliminates superficial ornamentation, allowing the beauty of the flames to take center stage. Fully customizable to your hearth’s dimensions, the screen is available in Matte Black or Vintage Iron finishes.


  8. Tuscan

    fireplace accessories surround

    Hand-forged, hand-welded, and hand-painted, this cast iron fireplace surround radiates an old-world feel. Embellished by twisted scrollwork and traditional Italian styling, the surround gives the impression of being both built-in and one of a kind.


  9. In the Pan

    fireplace accessories ash pan

    Ash pans, containers that corral ashes and leftovers from wood-burning fires, facilitate cleanup of those 'biofuel burners', ensuring extended problem-free fireplace use.


  10. Peacocking

    fireplace accessories antique fireplace screen

    If you avoid the word "ordinary" like the plague, then this peacock fireplace screen is the accessory for you. Dripping with golden-age glamour, the ornate antique bird will guard your fireplace and remind every guest that you like to live like a king.


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