10 "Best in Class" Patio Pavers

Whether you are looking to create a walkway, patio or pool surround, today's pavers offer unlimited design options for any hardscape plan.


    Composite Pavers

    AZEK—perhaps best known for PVC decking, trim and moldings—offers the VAST Composite Pavers line in standard, permeable and resurface styles. Made almost entirely from recycled materials, the easy-to-install pavers come in five colors, weigh less than traditional pavers and install easily on a grid system. AZEK VAST


  2. Coventry Brickstone

    Brick Pavers

    Coventry® Brickstone pavers offer the classic look of traditional, age-worn brick.  Available in a full range of colorations, among them Haddon Blend, shown here, the bricks can be configured in a variety of patterns from herringbone and basket weave to running- and stacked-bond installations. E.P. Henry

    e.p. Henry

  3. Plaza Stone

    Plaza Stone

    This Plaza Stone paver features an embossed surface with soft-curved edges to give it a somewhat worn look. It is available in a variety of colors in either standard or tumbled finishes. The installation shown combines three different sized pavers—6”x9”, 6”x3”, and 4”x6”—in the Oaks Blend coloration. Pavestone


  4. Mirada

    Mirada Pavers

    The tumbled, weathered texture of the Mirada paver gives it a unique, time-worn look.  Featuring five different shapes and sizes—all packaged together in one bundle—the inter-locking paving stones can be installed in a variety of distinctive patterns. They are available in four colorations. Unilock


  5. Arbel

    Stone Pavers

    Arbel masterfully captures the elegant appearance of natural stone. Available in a range of earthen color blends, it features an irregular base shape, with an expansive array of unique textures and patterns that mimic the look of natural flagstone. Belgard


  6. Renaissance

    Aged Pavers

    These aged-looking Cambridge pavers are designed to resemble the walkways and piazzas of the European Renaissance.  Featuring ArmorTec for lasting beauty and color protection, each paver offers the look of naturally-aged stone making it particularly suited for historic house styles. Cambridge


  7. Mega Laffit

    Mega Laffit

    Mega Lafitt combines the look and feel of cut flagstone with the strength and long-term durability of today's manufactured pavers. Its larger proportions and natural-looking modular shapes allow for ample design flexibility and easy installation. Belgard


  8. Bristol

    Bristol Pavers

    Bristol pavers come in 6”x 9” and 6”x 6” sizes and can be combined or used singly to create distinctive walkways, patios and focal points. Their antique, tumbled appearance and soft colorations—toasted almond, shown here—make them perfect for any house style and hardscape plan. Capitol

    Capitol Hardscapes

  9. Design Options

    Paver Design

    Today's pavers come in all shapes and sizes making them ideally suitable for any landscape plan.  While the square and rectangular stones are more popular, there are a variety of other designs to consider, from natural-looking flagstone to special deisgns and shapes including tulip, wave, and the hexagon-patterned layout shown here. Cambridge


  10. Cassova

    Cassova Pavers

    With its graceful simplicity and weathered, dimpled surface, Cassova resembles the traditional Brussels paver.  It can be configured into a variety of designs, including herringbone, basket-weave, running bond or stacked-bond patterns. It also makes a great soldier course (a border to contain a gravel walk) or accent for other pavers. Unilock


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