10 Birdhouse Plans You Can Buy to Make Easy, Giftable Projects

Create a DIY birdhouse and encourage birds to nest on your property by following one of these woodworking plans.

For the Birds

DIY birdhouse plans

Birdhouses provide shelter for certain types of cavity-nesting birds, offering up a safe space for them to rest. While there are plenty of pre-made birdhouses available, you can also build one yourself with a little bit of ingenuity. Be sure to use untreated wood when building a birdhouse to ensure your project is free of potentially harmful chemicals. There’s no need to even add nesting material because most species will actually bring their own. Read on for 10 DIY birdhouse plans for both beginner and advanced woodworkers.


Platform Gazebo Bird Feeder

Platform Gazebo Bird Feeder

This fly-through bird feeder is built to look like a gazebo, featuring an ornate roof made with cedar shingles. By following these plans (available on Etsy), you can build your own platform-style feeder that mounts to a 4-inch by 4-inch post. With a diameter of 24 inches, it’s large enough to accommodate multiple birds feeding simultaneously.

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Classic Wood Birdhouse

Classic Wood Birdhouse

Looking to create a classic wooden birdhouse with a simple, traditional aesthetic? This one measures 8.5 inches tall by 8.5 inches long and is the perfect project for beginner woodworkers. Grab the plans (available on Etsy) and your supplies and you’ll be attracting birds to your yard in no time.


Estate Birdhouse

estate birdhouse plans

Upgrade your standard birdhouse by building a bird estate. The Estate Bird House is specifically designed for purple martins, though other similarly sized birds are also likely to enjoy it. The plans (available on Etsy) include 3D drawings as well as a cut list and shopping list. If you’re not particularly handy, you can also order a customized version made just for you.


Simple Mounted Birdhouse

Simple Mounted Birdhouse

Mount a birdhouse to a fence post or tree by following the instructions in this tutorial (available on Etsy). This design can be made from a single piece of lumber and only involves straight cuts, making it the perfect project for those new to woodworking or for parents and children to work on together. The plan includes photos, diagrams, a shopping list, and additional tips for how to create the perfect birdhouse.


A-Frame Birdhouse

A-Frame Birdhouse plans

Attract purple martins and similarly sized birds to your property with this on-trend chalet-style birdhouse. The A-frame design provides a funky retro aesthetic, and you can customize it with the type of lumber and paint or stain of your choosing. The plans (available on Etsy) offer an option for either 12 smaller rooms or 6 larger “suites.”

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Peek-a-Boo Perfection

Peek-a-Boo Perfection birdhouse plans

Those looking for a challenge will appreciate these DIY birdhouse plans (available on Etsy). Designed to look like a church or farmhouse, this birdhouse features acrylic windows that allow you to observe the birds inside as they nest. The plans’ creator even recommends using two-way acrylic, which lets you see the birds without them seeing you. While you may need more advanced woodworking skills to complete this project, the end result is worth the effort.


Martin House with Protection Rails

martin birdhouse plans

This birdhouse (plans available on Etsy) is specifically designed for martins and includes 12 separate nesting areas. Each one is protected with a railing so that young fledglings won’t fall from the roost. The design includes a roof that’s easily removable for cleaning at the end of the season by just unscrewing 4 screws. When finished, the birdhouse’s dimensions are 18.5 inches high, 22 inches wide, and 16 inches deep.


Minimalist Birdhouse

minimalist birdhouse plans

Create a medium-sized birdhouse with a traditional design by following these plans (available on Etsy). The creator of the plans originally came up with them for his own grandson, so they can be completed by woodworkers of varying skill levels. All you need to build this minimalistic birdhouse are some basic tools like a handsaw, screwdriver, and electric drill. The listing recommends using softwoods like pine or spruce if possible.

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Bird Condo

birdhouse condo plans

This condo-style birdhouse is perfect for housing multiple pairs as they roost. When painting a birdhouse like this one, leave the interior unfinished and paint the outside for visual appeal and to improve the wood’s longevity. The plans for this birdhouse (available on Etsy) ship in the mail and are not available for digital download.


Beginner-Friendly Birdhouse

Beginner-Friendly Birdhouse

This small birdhouse (plans available on Etsy) is beginner-friendly and is the perfect home for small roosting birds. Paint this birdhouse in any fun color or adorn it with decorations of your choosing. When choosing the size of the entrance, review a birdhouse dimension table for your region in order to ensure the hole is the right size for the birds you hope to attract.


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