10 DIY Lawn Games to Bring the Amusement Park Home

Ring toss, tetherball, lawn bowling—these outdoor games are not only fun to play, they're super easy to make.

  1. Twister Alfresco

    Backyard Twister

    Take Twister outside by using a cardboard template to spray-paint those classic dots on your lawn. Making your own “mat” gives you the opportunity to size the play space down for smaller kids, or up for the adults!


  2. Giant Jenga

    Giant Jenga

    Take your mental engineering prowess to the grass with this outdoor version of the classic game Jenga—on steroids. It’s played exactly like the original, except you might have use two hands to manipulate the oversize blocks as you stack them. Making the pieces is a simple DIY project that requires only lumber, a saw, and some sanding. Just remember, the bigger they are, the harder they fall!


  3. Lawn Bowling

    Lawn Bowling

    Bowling is a crowd pleaser, but who wants to spend a sunny afternoon in the alley? Make your own pins by filling some recycled plastic bottles with water and food coloring. Then grab any ball and go for a strike!


  4. Tetherball

    DIY Tetherball

    A pole, some rope, and a volleyball are all you need for tetherball fun. You can purchase a set or make one yourself by either sinking a pole into the ground, or setting one in concrete inside an old tire.


  5. Cornhole

    Corn Hole

    Cornhole, known in some states as Baggo, is a game with an unknown history but a vocal following, especially in the South and Midwest. Players attempt to toss beanbags—usually filled with corn kernels—in a hole on the opposite platform. A cornhole game is a super simple DIY project and a fun activity after a cookout.


  6. Ring Toss

    DIY Ring Toss

    This common carnival game can be easily re-created in any backyard to provide hours of amusement for kids and adults alike. There are oodles of sets on the market, or you can make this sweet DIY version with painted bottles and embroidery hoops wrapped in cloth and ribbon.


  7. Horseshoes


    Getting a game of horseshoes together is as easy as driving two stakes into the ground, exactly 40 feet apart—the regulation distance. Up the ante by building your own pit with some inexpensive lumber and sand. Grab a brew, and listen for the clank of metal on metal!


  8. Ladder Golf

    Ladder Golf

    Also called Flingy Pongy, Ladder Golf is a tethered ball toss where players try to get their roped balls around the rungs of a three-tiered ladder. The DIY version of the ladder can be constructed of PVC pipes; make the bolas—tethered balls—by drilling through golf balls, stringing them with nylon cord, and knotting


  9. Shishkaball


    With some welded-wire garden fencing and plywood, you can create this ball-drop game that will keep friends and family entertained all afternoon. It’s a yard-size version of KerPlunk...if you’re old enough to remember that late sixties classic.


  10. Hopscotch


    Put your own stamp on this popular playground game by giving your course some twists, turns, and special instructions, like “Snap 3X” and “Kiss a Cloud.” It's enough to make any grown-up feel like a kid again.


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