10 Faux Planters with Genuine Style

Lightweight and low-maintenance, these budget-friendly planters match the look and style of much more expensive options.

By Cody Calamaio | Updated Aug 18, 2015 12:54 PM

For Any Weather

Faux Copper Planter

From Plow & Hearth, the Sussex Resin Planter looks as if it were made of expensive copper. In truth, the material is a hardwearing, long-lasting composite that is impermeable to frost.


Snicker at Wicker

Faux Wicker Planter

Wicker is a warm and inviting element that many love to use in outdoor living areas. Unfortunately it's neither sturdy nor weather-resistant. This planter is a dead ringer for wicker, but it's made of stronger stuff: hand-woven resin strands reinforced with a rust-proof, powder-coated aluminum frame.


Terra "Notta"

Faux Terra-Cotta Planter

A staple among planters, terra cotta can be heavy and easily broken. The Terrazzo Round Planter mimics the look of earthenware, but in comparison to the real deal, the clay-color plastic is lighter and heartier.



Fake Bronze

The geometric-pattern embossing of the Mod Floral Black Bronze Planter imparts a subtle, sophisticated punch. While engineered to emulate antique bronze metal—pricey!—this 100% plastic planter can be had for only $10.


Modern Sensibility

Weatherproof Planter

The tapered contours of the Black Svelte Planter give it a clean, modern look. And while the matte black convincingly imitates slate, it's actually a weatherproof synthetic whose coloring won't fade due to sun exposure.


Grain Domain

Faux Wood Planter

Though equally well-suited for use outdoors, this Polivaz planter's nuanced faux wood grain complements a variety of popular indoor surfaces, including hardwood flooring and wood laminate furniture.


High Expectations

Raised Planter

The design of this planter evokes beadboard, but the material is actually durable, easy-maintenance vinyl. Gardeners with achy knees or a sore back will appreciate that posts raise the height of the planting bed to waist level. 


Classic Look, Modern Benefits

Colonial Planter

This tall, Colonial-style planter harkens back to yesteryear, but that doesn't mean it's not equipped with some modern advantages. For instance, a liner inside holds several days' worth of water, which gradually and automatically seeps into the soil.


Subdued and Seamless

Faux Stone Planter

Featuring a subdued color and classic silhouette, this brushed stone-lookalike planter steals no attention from the flora you choose. Likewise, it's reasonable price tag probably won't prove a distraction, either.


Glazed Over

Faux Ceramic Planter

Though made of resin, the Threshold Cobalt Reactive Glaze Planter perfectly impersonates the baked coating of ceramic, and its deep tones and vibrant colors are sure to make a splash in any backyard.


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