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10 Fun, Clever, and Useful Step Stools

Can't quite reach the top shelf? Do the kids struggle to turn on the bathroom faucet? With these handy step stools, everyone can get a leg up—in style.

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Multifunctional Flair


The multifunctional Pogo is three stools in one. The sturdy, two-step stool can also be used as a toddler seat; to accommodate taller tots, just flip it over. Turned on its side, it becomes a mini kids’ table. The Pogo does it all, with sleek, modern styling.

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Built-In Convenience

Make your step stool magically disappear with a built-in cabinet model. Slide it out and step up to the sink. When you’re done, slide it back in so no one trips on it—or even knows it’s there.

Juice Can Jump-Up


DIY this adorable padded step stool using only a bunch of large juice cans, batting, and some remnant fabric. A popular house project from your grandmother’s generation, this stool can double as a mini ottoman when it’s not giving you a boost.

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Rockin' Roller


Channel that old-school library feeling with the Kik Step rolling step stool. It’s ultrasturdy, rolls on concealed casters, and doubles as a seat. 

Calming and Cantilevered

Infuse your decor with a sense of Zen with this step stool, inspired by the clean lines of Japanese and modern architecture. Its distinctive cantilever design, constructed of walnut and ebony, may very well lift your spirits as well as your body.

Quick-Change Chair

Let your step stool do double duty as a chair. This model is hinged so that it can fold back onto itself to create a sturdy-backed seat. Benjamin Franklin had a hand in the design of this classic; if you’re up for some woodworking, you can make one for yourself.

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Step Up With Storage

Store away bath toys, dishrags, or other small necessities in this DIY step stool that can also boost a little one to just the right height for hand-washing, cooking, or helping with the dishes. It’s an easy weekend afternoon project—in fact, why not let the little fellow help out?

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Vintage Style


Give your kitchen some vintage flair with this classic 1950s stool, with steps that fold neatly under the seat when not in use. Colors and patterns abound in the many rehabilitated and reproduction specimens available online.

Nested Stools That Stow


Pull out this set of nesting tables and stools to form a mini staircase when you need it. Use the pieces separately for sitting or stepping up, or even as side tables; the hinged tops open to provide hidden storage.

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Fold It Flat

Fold up this collapsible step stool and tuck it into a cabinet or behind a door, then just flick it open when needed. It’s light and easy to carry with one hand, but still sturdy enough to hold 300 pounds. The grip-dot surface will keep your feet from slipping when you reach for that top shelf.

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