10 Handy Things You Can Do with a Hose Wand

If you think your hose is the ultimate outdoor cleaning tool… think again! Some areas are just too tricky, too high or too grungy for your hose to tackle all by itself. Luckily, a practical, versatile and all-around ingenious tool—the multipurpose hose wand—can simplify many of your cleaning chores, making your outdoor efforts much more effective, to say nothing of more fun. Think of it as a way to “extreme clean” your exterior surfaces…or to put it another way, your hose on steroids. Here are just a few of the tough cleaning jobs you can tackle quickly and easily with a hose wand.

Renovate Your Driveway

Cleaning the Driveway

Your driveway is the biggest entryway to your home and a great one can make a big statement. However, common crud, debris, and grease spots can turn it into a real eyesore. Luckily, it's easy to reclaim a concrete driveway—provided you have the right tools. For general cleaning and tough stains alike, use a versatile tool like the HYDE PivotPro Outdoor Cleaning Wand. After attaching it to a normal garden hose, you can easily spray away debris, while the pivoting scrub brush turns a normally backbreaking chore into a breeze. For big stains, amp up your cleaning power by adding soap to the built-in reservoir and adjusting the soap-to-water ratio with a switch. 

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Groom Your Garage

Cleaning the Garage

A tidy, well-organized, and clean garage offers valuable square feet of storage space but all too often this room becomes a household dumping ground for clutter. Left untended, your garage can even play host to dust, mold, and pests. Take back your space with a total clean-out. After removing everything from the garage and organizing it into piles (keep, donate, and toss) turn your attention to the ceilings, walls, and floors. A stiff-bristled broom can rid your space of some dust and debris but for a deep clean, trust a tool such as the HYDE PivotPro to blast away gunk from every nook and cranny—and all without having to bend, stretch, or stoop.

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Open Door Policy

How to Clean Garage Doors

Once you’ve cleaned and organized the inside of your garage, you'll want to turn your attention to the outside. A little soap and water will spruce up a grungy garage door like a charm. Again, the HYDE PivotPro can tackle the job beautifully, eliminating the need for a clunky bucket and sponge. The integrated soap reservoir adds scrubbing bubbles to the water with the flip of a switch and the stiff-bristle brush swivels into action wherever you need it most, then easily swings out of the way when you don't need it.

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Revive Your Patio Furniture

How to Clean Patio Furniture

Your patio furniture maintenance routine depends on whether you've got wicker or wrought iron, plastic, upholstery, or wood. One thing's for certain though: Constant exposure to the elements means your furniture is going to attract dirt, mold, and mildew. While essential, cleaning patio furniture isn't the most enjoyable way to spend a summer's day. Luckily, it's easier than ever to give furniture much needed TLC, with a tool like the HYDE PivotPro. The adjustable spray allows you to select a gentle fan spray for delicate vinyl upholstery, and a more powerful jet to blast gunk from metal or glass tabletops. Plus the pivoting nozzle lets you give the undersides of the table and chairs a thorough washing from a comfortable standing position. 

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Clean Clogged Gutters

Cleaning Gutters

Gutters are your home's first defense against leaks and flooding after a heavy rain, but they need to be kept clean and free-flowing in order to be effective. Keeping gutters in the clear normally involves scaling the ladder, and pulling gunk and leaves from cracks and crevices. However, the HYDE PivotPro makes gutter cleaning a quick and painless chore. The head of the wand pivots 135 degrees, allowing you to easily blast away debris from every nook and cranny.

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Reach For The…Siding

How to Clean Exterior Siding

The secret to better curb appeal? Clean your house. Seriously. Grimy exterior siding isn't just unsightly, but left unattended it can cause rot and damage. A thorough cleaning will go far to improving your home, and it's easier than you might think. At 46-inches in length, the HYDE PivotPro can give you access to areas well beyond your average reach and will help you complete the chore in record time. Scrub away algae or mildew with ease by simply swiveling the stiff-bristle brush into place for maximum cleaning power.

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Let The Sun Shine In

Washing Windows

Washing the windows brightens your whole home, both indoors and out, but safely cleaning high windows can be a challenge. Fortunately, the HYDE PivotPro has a 46-inch wand to help you reach hard-to-clean glass from the ground. Plus, the adjustable cleaning pads and brushes are perfect for washing windows. The tool's built-in soap reservoir let's you switch between a soap and water mixture to plain water for rinsing, leaving your windows sparkling and shiny.

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Perk Up Pavers

Cleaning Patio Pavers

Paved patios and walkways are a beautiful addition to any home, provided they're well maintained. Put your best foot forward by keeping stone pavers clear of dirt, grime, and salt residue. With the HYDE PivotPro's spray nozzle, you'll make short work of this seasonal chore, easily washing away dirt and debris in one pass.

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Refresh Your Deck

How to Clean the Deck

Waking up tired deck boards starts with a thorough cleaning. A deck's nooks, crannies, and crevices make regular cleaning a labor-intensive job. However, armed with the HYDE PivotPro, you'll be able to reach over, under, and around boards and railings to spray away dirt and mildew. Easily change the angle of the spray by sliding the handle in order to hit hard-to-reach places. For even more versatility, use the pictured spindle brush attachment that can clean areas where even your hands can’t fit.

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Car Care

Car Washing Tool

Why waste money on pricey drive-through car washes that don’t really do a good job—or worse, leave your car with tiny scratches and a dull detergent haze? The HYDE PivotPro makes cleaning your car a simple, speedy, and money-saving project. The pivoting nozzle rotates 135 degrees, giving you full coverage over the curved surfaces of the car, while the wand's 46-inch length allows you to reach the roof and sides without stretching and straining. Choose between the desired soap-to-water ratio or plain water with the simple flick of a switch.

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