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10 Reasons Every DIYer Needs a Putty Knife

Even with all the new hand and power tools on the market, nothing can replace the dependability of the simple putty knife for everyday DIY tasks. Until now, you had to choose between carbon steel and stainless steel. Carbon steel offered flexibility, but before long it was rusty and useless, while the rust-resistant stainless steel knife was too rigid to tackle many jobs. Today, you don’t have to compromise, or even buy twice as many tools, to get around-the-house jobs done. HYDE Tools' SuperFlexx Stainless Steel Putty and Joint Knives offer a superior combination of rust resistance, blade flexibility, and durability for knives that perform better than and outlast any putty knives you’ve ever owned. These aren’t your grandpa’s putty knives! Their versatility makes them a must-have in every toolbox. Click through for 11 reasons to stock these reliable hand tools today. This post has been brought to you by Hyde Tools. Its facts and opinions are those of
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You’re Hanging Drywall

This might be a more obvious application, but it’s challenging to scoop up the right amount of compound with a wide taping knife. More often than not, you end up leaving globs on the wall. Simplify the process by switching to a 4-inch joint knife. It’s the best choice for initial mud application, filling nail holes, and adhering paper tape in inside corners. The flexibility of the SuperFlexx Stainless Steel Joint Knife lends itself to easy, smooth compound application. Available from HYDE; $10.67

Your Wide Scraper Won’t Fit into Tight Spots

When removing paint from molding, furniture, or restricted spots on windowsills and staircases, reach in your toolbox for a 2-inch putty knife. This size can easily sub in as a scraper in tight spots where larger scrapers and knives just won’t fit. (For the best results, hold the knife at a 30-degree angle to the surface you’re scraping.) And because your SuperFlexx model won’t rust with repeated use or after exposure to water during clean up and chemical removers, it will continue to be your go-to choice for many other fix-it jobs around the house. Available from HYDE; $6.02

Your Wallpaper Is Ready to Come Down

Large scrapers work well for removing wallpaper from wide expanses of wall, but trying to remove old wallpaper between the door casing and a corner can be a nightmare. The solution? The 3-inch SuperFlexx Stainless Steel Joint Knife. It slips neatly under loosened wallpaper so you can lift it off with ease. Remember to treat the wallpaper adequately with a removal solution and work carefully to keep from nicking the drywall beneath. Available from HYDE; $7.60

You’ve Just Taken Down Your Gallery Wall

Lightweight and easy to camouflage, spackling works wonders filling nail holes left behind by wall hangings. To apply spackling, grab a 2-inch putty knife to scoop up a small glob and smear it directly over the hole, using light pressure to fill it in—this size SuperFlexx putty knife is the easiest to control for this tiny job. Turn the blade to the clean side to scrape off any excess, then let dry before sanding and painting over. Available from HYDE; $6.02

You’re Pulling Out Old Grout or Caulking

The trick to removing that crumbled old grout between the tiles or caulking around the tub? A tool with the right flexibility—and this is an area where the 1-1/2-inch SuperFlexx putty knife shines. Hold the pliable stainless steel blade at a 20-degree angle so that it slips just underneath the edge of the grout. Available from HYDE; $5.53

Your Tiled Wall Needs a Small Repair

When you have only one or two loose tiles to replace, hauling out the drill and paddle mixer may be more work than the actual repair. Instead, you can rely on a 2-inch SuperFlexx Stainless Steel Putty Knife as a stand-in—it’s strong, durable, and impervious to rust. Using a small plastic bucket, mix thinset according to the package directions; stir and let set before applying. Wipe the blade after stirring to keep bits of mortar from drying on. Available from HYDE; $6.02

You Want to Save Old Baseboard

It’s standard practice to wield a pry bar when pulling baseboard from the wall before replacing a floor, but not always practical when used on its own. When the baseboard is tight against the wall, you can end up breaking it and gouging the drywall. A 3-inch putty knife can help keep your wall damage-free. Simply loosen the baseboard first by inserting a SuperFlexx knife behind it and easing it out far enough to insert the pry bar. Available from HYDE; $7.60

Your Caulking Gun Broke Before the End of the Job

It happens to the best of DIYers: In the middle of applying adhesive, the caulking gun breaks. Never fear! With a little resourcefulness and a 2-inch putty knife, you can wrap up what you started. Simply cut off the end of the adhesive tube, and use the small SuperFlexx knife to scoop out and apply the adhesive directly to the paneling or molding. Available from HYDE; $6.02

Your Window Is Stuck Shut

Even though your window opened freely last year, perhaps old coats of paint solidified over the winter, leaving you with a stuck window just when you want to let in some fresh air. Enter the 2-inch SuperFlexx putty knife. Position the stainless steel tool between the frame and the sash, and slide the blade tip along the crack to break the paint seal. Once the window opens, lightly tap the blade between the sash and the side jamb to remove additional debris for easier opening all season long. Available from HYDE; $6.02

You've Got Butt Joints to Smooth

Unlike tapered drywall joints, drywall pieces that meet and form butt joints don’t include any recesses for holding compound—and thus often translate into bumps that take the right tools, proper technique, and patience to conceal. If you don’t have a 10-inch taping knife on hand, a 6-inch SuperFlexx Stainless Steel Joint Knife works just as well, if not better. With its comfort grip and flexibility, you can carefully apply and feather out compound on those tricky joints. For the best results, apply multiple light coats, let dry, and sand in between coats. Available from HYDE; $12.87