10 Reasons to Go Crazy for Chalkboard Paint

Personalize your mugs, label your storage, and throw creativity up on a wall with these clever uses for the DIYer's favorite and most customizable weapon: chalkboard paint.

Writing on the Walls

Chalkboard Bathroom

To no one's surprise, chalkboard paint is exactly what it sounds like: when used on a wall, that wall becomes a chalkboard. What some people don't realize, however, is that chalkboard paint can be used on virtually any surface! Here are ten clever, creative ideas to transform everything from wine glasses to staircases.


Serving Platter

DIY Tray

If you're looking for a unique cheese plate, then go ahead and fon-do it yourself! With a little chalkboard paint, a discount store tray becomes a conversation-starting serving platter with customizable labeling capabilities. We'd recommend covering the surface with a clear piece of glass, but looks pretty gouda, don't you think?


Personalized Mugs


No matter what the season, make a set of DIY chalkboard mugs for your whole family to help everyone keep their mitts off each other’s hot cocoa!  All you need is a generous-sized mug and a can of chalkboard paint and you can create your own customizable versions.


Wall Calendar

Wall Calendar

The scheduling app on your phone can't compete with this beautiful, larger-than-life wall calendar from Martha Stewart Living. Mixing white and black chalkboard paint into a host of different shades of gray, the calendar becomes a purposeful piece of art. 



DIY Wine Glasses

If your family is anything like mine, they leave their drink in one room and spend the rest of the night trying to find it again. With chalkboard wine glasses, there’s no confusing whose drink is whose.  Painted in bright, poppy colors, the same glasses would be perfect for summer entertaining.


One-of-a-Kind Sideboard

Storage Ideas

An old dresser becomes a beautiful and well-organized sideboard with clearly labeled storage for the dining room and kitchen. This trick would work just as well in a kid’s room as a way of teaching young ones how to put away their clothes and toys to keep their room tidy.


Going Up?

Painted Stairs

We all know the popularity of painted stairs, so why not take it one step further and accent your risers with mini chalkboards. Number them, or write fun messages that can be changed regularly! Check out this great how-to from Dream Home DIY.


Sleep Tight

Chalkboard Headboard

Maureen of The Inglenook Decor created this charming chalkboard headboard (chalkheadboard?), which adds a good measure of whimsy to a cozy, little bed. Why buy a headboard when you can make your own?


Working Hard, or Hardly Working

Office Dresser

A dark and dreary armoire becomes a bright and colorful workspace, complete with chalkboard-painted door for jotting down ideas, lists, and notes. Going to work doesn't seem so bad when your office looks like this!


Knock, Knock

Chalkboard Paint Door

If painting the whole wall seems like a little too much chalkboard for your taste, consider painting an important yet confined element, such as a door. This way, the chalkboard becomes an interesting part of your decor, instead of the focal point, but with benefits.


Someone's in the Kitchen

Chalkboard Backsplash

Lastly, a DIY chalkboard backsplash lets you draw your own “tile patterns” to match whatever your mood might be—or make a new recipe visible from the entire kitchen! Bon appetit!


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