10 Shower Tile Ideas that Make a Splash

When it comes to retiling a shower, or planning a new bathroom remodel from scratch, many homeowners are overwhelmed by the array of options for tile material, design, and placement. From the classic to the kinetic, here are 10 shower tile ideas to help inspire your own shower redo.

  1. Out of the Woods

    Gray Porcelain Shower Tile Ideas

    While real wood paneling weakens in the face of water, the water-proof wood lookalike porcelain tile used in this bathroom can withstand a high-moisture environment without swelling or warping. Also pictured, the 6-by-24-inch dapple gray shower tiles from Marazzi can double as bathroom floor tiles for head-to-toe, back-to-nature beauty. Available at The Home Depot; $1.69/square foot.


  2. Whimsical Waves

    Marble Shower Tile Ideas

    With their soft sheen and variegated hues, marble shower tiles mimic the look of ripples of water flowing across your shower even when the faucet is off. Here, 4-by-12-inch Arabescato Carrara honed marble tiles from MSI are paired with gold grout to achieve a luxurious look. Available from Wayfair; $8/square foot.


  3. Woven Comfort

    Basketweave Shower Tile Ideas

    Add a special touch to the wide walls of a walk-in shower, or the bathroom walls surrounding a standalone tub with the addition of shower tiles with a woven pattern. Resembling the warp and weft of threads, these 12.2-by-12.2-inch Calacatta Cressa basketweave marble tiles from MSI make the room seem more intimate and inviting. Available from Wayfair; $11.15/square foot.


  4. Glam Graphics

    Ceramic Shower Tile Ideas

    Shower tiles with a dynamic graphic overlay serve as a wake-up call to groggy morning shower-goers, but white surrounding walls can easily wash them out. The designers of this bathroom avoided the common design faux pas by using navy-colored walls to draw focus to shower walls covered in complementary 13-by-13-inch Faventie azul ceramic tiles from EliteTile with a one-of-a-kind snowflake pattern. Available from Wayfair; $7.69/square foot.


  5. Less Is More

    Glass Shower Tile Ideas

    Don’t have the time or budget to retile your entire shower? Considering retrofitting one region of the shower with a single band of bold tile. Here, tri-colored 13-by-13-inch Glacier Mountain mosaic tiles made of glass and natural stone run the width of each wall of the enclosure to add a sliver of color and texture to the room. Available from Wayfair; $7.99/square foot.


  6. Mighty

    Porcelain Marble Shower Tile Ideas

    In addition to going curtainless with glass walls, installing minimalist white marble tiles can make a cramped bathroom look larger than their footprint. Featuring sparse veins that slope upward, these 12-by-24-inch ivory Duomo porcelain tiles from Emser Tile lend a cool whimsy to the space and make the ceiling look taller. Available from Wayfair; $2.49/square foot.


  7. Crazy for Color

    Green Shower Tile Ideas

    Don’t be bashful about using bold colors in the bath; they instantly energize the space. When surrounded by white walls, these 3-by-6-inch multi-toned green tiles from Fireclay Tile make bathtime feel like taking a stroll through the park. Available from Fireclay Tile; $28/square foot.


  8. Extended Elegance

    Cement Shower Tile Ideas

    You don’t need paint to create a focal wall. In this bathroom designed by Drummonds UK, encaustic-style cement tiles from Rustico Tile and Stone are used to visually separate the central shower wall from two subway tile walls. The tile work continues on the main bathroom floor to lend a sense of drama and limitlessness to the space. Details at Rustic Tile and Stone; custom quotes available.


  9. See-Through Style

    Multiple Shower Tile Ideas

    Why keep your new tile work hidden behind closed shower doors? The glass shower walls in this contemporary bathroom by Artsaics Studios expose the two-toned gray-and-white marble tiles inside to play up the lighter gray marble countertop and bathtub surround and the multicolored marble floor. Visitors are in for a mesmerizing mash-up of colors and textures upon walking into the space.


  10. Off-the-Wall Idea

    Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

    No shower in your bathroom? Bring the beauty and durability of shower tile to your bathroom by applying it to a statement wall behind a tub. In this contemporary bathroom designed by Studio Nigro, a slate-colored tiled wall serves as the backdrop to a marble tub and ceramic tile floor to create a more defined and refined space to soak your cares away.

    C Nigro Photography; Design: Studio Nigro

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