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10 Weird But Useful Gadgets You Might Not Have Yet

Thanks to modern technology and digital commerce, homeowners are acquiring increasingly large numbers of gadgets. It seems everyone has— or knows someone who has— a smartphone, bluetooth speaker, laptop, e-reader, and home security camera. But these popular items just skim the surface of the current tech market. Here are 10 strange and unusual gadgets available today, allowing you to automate your home and simplify your life.

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Bluetooth Music Headband

For private listening, headphones usually do the job. But when you’re working in the yard while covered in sweat and wielding sharp tools, traditional corded headphones tend to be neither comfortable nor safe. If you’ve ever wished for an alternative, this is it: a soft cotton-nylon headband with built-in speakers that connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth-enabled device within 30 feet—and that includes the cell phone that goes wherever you go. Smart! 
Available at Amazon; $14.99.

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Magnetic Car Mount

There’s more than one way to set up a cell phone mount in your car, but perhaps no other option boasts the ease and practicality of the Logitech +Trip. This smartly designed magnetic clip attaches directly to the dashboard air vent in any vehicle, securely and unobtrusively. With an effortless pinch of your fingers, you get a mount able to keep your phone aloft and plainly visible as you’re driving—perfect for the GPS! Available at Amazon; $20.99.

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Cellphone Screen Magnifier

The smart phone has revolutionized our lives, yet the tiny screen in our pockets can be a real strain on the eyes. For a bit of relief, purchase this foldable projector, which magnifies your phone screen two to four times its original size. The slim and lightweight gadget also blocks harmful lights that radiate from most phones, making it much easier to follow along with that DIY tutorial.  Available on Amazon; $8.95.

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Expandable LED Flashlights

People sometimes find themselves hunched over in dark and tight spaces, whether they’re tinkering with the car or searching under the bed. No matter how you contort yourself, however, it’s always an uncomfortable task—unless you have this expandable magnetic flashlight. The handy tool is like an extra arm; it flexes and bends in every direction, and it can grab what you’re looking for with the magnets on both ends. Available on
; $10.99.

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Countertop Composter

Don’t let your vegetable peels, bread crusts, and dinner scraps go to waste. Instead of tossing them out with the trash, turn them into a nutrient-rich, natural fertilizer. If you don’t have the outdoor space (or patience) to start a backyard composting pile, you can invest in a small countertop appliance that does the work for you, turning and sifting your food scraps until they’re transformed into usable plant food. With this gadget, you can save lots of money in landscaping fertilizer, and you’ll help protect the environment to boot! Available on Amazon; $749.

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Automatic Pet Feeder

Do you eat lunch at your desk? How about breakfast? Well, while you’re chowing down at the office, your favorite pooch may be sitting at home wondering when you’ll be back home to serve dinner. If you’re concerned that your furry friend isn’t getting enough to eat while you’re away, you can schedule this automatic feeder to pour out perfectly portioned meals exactly when he’ll need them most. Available on Amazon; $89.99.

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Smart Lock

Spend less valuable time fumbling for your keys by replacing one thing: the interior hardware for your deadbolt. The second generation of the August Smart Lock—a smart device that’s only about the size of a hockey puck—enables homeowners to auto-unlock and auto-lock doors, create digital keys for guests, and keep track of who has entered the home via their smartphones.
Available on Amazon; $109.99.

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UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

It’s time to start worrying about your toothbrush. Did you know that it’s likely covered with viral germs, droplets splashed from nearby toilet flushes, and other gross bacteria? Thankfully, mere minutes in this Pursonic sanitizer case will kill 99.9 percent of germs via UV light; when time’s up, the case returns to being a simple shield for your toothbrush. Available on Amazon; $11.98.

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Toilet Night Light

Have you ever went to the bathroom at night and frantically searched for the light switch? Make this annoying, and potentially dangerous, situation a thing of the past with the Vintar LED Toilet Night Light, which detects body heat through 170-degree motion sensor technology. Once you enter the bathroom, the toilet will illuminate with one of 16 color choices and five brightness levels. The toilet light will also shut off when you leave the room, so you never have to search for the switch again! Available on Amazon; $12.99.  

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Tech-Savvy Notebook

When it comes to taking notes, nothing beats good old-fashioned paper and pencil. But using your smartphone has the advantages of accessibility and portability, causing many dedicated notetakers to turn digital. Enter the Rocketbook Wave, which combines the best of both worlds, relying on smart technology to send handwritten notes into the cloud. Simply write in the notebook with Pilot FriXion pens, connect to the Rocketbook mobile app, and upload your notes to platforms like iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote.When the notebook fills up, pop it in the microwave; the Pilot FriXion ink turns clear at high temperatures, allowing you to reuse the book up to five times. With the Rocketbook Wave, you’ll never be without your important study guides, meeting memos, grocery lists, or journal entries again! Available on Amazon; $26.97.

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