11 Best Buys to Make Your Small Home Feel Big

One of the first rules of small space living? Declutter now and declutter often. Getting rid of excess junk is the surest way to simplify your life and gain the illusion of extra square footage. But what you keep inside your home is just as important as what you throw out. Slim furniture, double-duty buys, and other ingenious inventions can help you maximize what space you have, making living large in a tiny home a no-brainer.

Instant Countertop

Over the Stove Cutting Board

Even in a kitchen of generous size, there never seems to be enough counter space. Of course, adding extra counters typically involves the hassle and expense of remodeling, but a stovetop cutting board like this one offers an instant, inexpensive solution. Mounted on adjustable legs, the bamboo surface fits easily over the burners, creating a versatile prep area. Move the board into position when you need, take it away when you don't. Available at Amazon; $79.99.


Fold-Away Desk

Wall-Mounted Folding Desk

Whether for paying bills, writing letters, or working extra hours, everyone needs a desk. But not everyone has enough room for a home office—and really, not everyone needs one. Here's a space-saving compromise from Wildon Home. Clever in design, the wall-mounted desk folds down to reveal a spacious work area with ample built-in storage. All done? The desk folds up into a compact cabinet that stays out of the way. Available at Wayfair; $163.99.

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Shoe Ottoman

Shoe Storage Ottoman

Never underestimate the powers of double-duty furniture—especially when it comes to organizing bulky items like shoes. While this tufted ottoman looks like an attractive place to rest your feet, inside it hides a sleek secret: 10 slots for stashing sandals, flats, heels, and more. With a stylish exterior that can dress up any decor while also serving as an extra place to perch, this handy buy will soon become your best-kept storage secret. Available on Overstock; $409.

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Double-Hanging Rod

Double Hanging Closet Rod

Small rooms are one thing, small closets are an entirely different battle. Sure, you can get creative with racks, wardrobes, and other smart DIYs, but there’s another incredibly simple solution that can increase your storage space in minutes: the double-hanging rod. All you have to do to reap the benefits of a bigger closet is to clip the rod over the existing shelf. And if you pick an expandable version like this one, you can even customize the unit to perfectly fit your needs. Available on Amazon; $24.99.

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Cleaning Tool Organizer

Cleaning Tool Organizer

Shoving your mops and brooms into a dark corner of the kitchen or garage will keep your unsightly supplies out of sight, but it'll also make a disorganized mess. This slim-line wall-mounted organizer can hold up to 11 cleaning tools at once, and cut clutter at the same time. Plus, with your entire cleaning arsenal always at the ready, you'll be in fine shape to corner any dust bunny that floats across the floor. Available on Amazon; $25.99.

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Self-Watering Window Shelf Planter

Self-Watering Window Shelf Planter

Houseplants bring life and warmth into any home, but in a small space they can eat up prime real estate on counters, tabletops, and windowsills. When a traditional indoor garden won't do, grow up! This self-watering window shelf and planter creates a vertical garden by attaching to any window with the help of two strong suction cups. By moving your plants to the window, you'll clear other surfaces for storing kitchen or bedroom essentials. Plus, the automatic watering system takes the guesswork out of plant care, so even brown thumbs can enjoy a little greenery at home! Available on Amazon; $39.99.

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Umbra Shift Hanger Chair

Hanger and Chair

This genius hanger-chair hybrid makes living large in a small space a little easier. When not in use, the slim birch chair folds up and out of the way, while the built-in hanger makes it easy to hang in any ordinary closet. When guests drop by, you can take their coats to the hall closet and reach for a spare chair at the same time. Not only will you be able to swiftly seat your guests, but as the chairs come down from the closet rod, you'll make more space to store their bulky jackets and accessories. Available at Umbra Shift; $200.

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The Slimmest Bedside Storage Ever

Bedside Storage

If you don't have room for a nightstand, there's no need to make your space feel even more cramped by squishing one between the bed and the wall. Slip this 15-inch-long, 12-inch-wide Stackers Bedside Pocket between your mattress and box spring, and it can stylishly replace the extra surface area you're accustomed to with a slim set of hanging storage. Its five slots perfectly fit your charging phone, tablet, reading glasses, magazines, tissues—all that you might need while hanging out in bed. Available at The Container Store; $29.99.

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Clean Lines in the Shower

Shower Storage Caddy

Clean up the shampoo bottles, shaving cream canisters, loofahs, and other miscellaneous shower gear that clutter the bathroom by streamlining them into a single corner column along the stainless steel Adjustable Tension Shower Caddy from simplehuman. Not only will your shower feel more relaxing minus a messy distraction, but the extra storage its repositionable racks offer over that of an average showerhead caddy mean you might be able to fit in the backup bottles that eat up your under-the-counter space, too! Available on Amazon; $129.99.

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Over-the-Sink Shelf

Over-the-Sink Bathroom Shelf

Expansive vanities are a storage boon to bathrooms, providing ample space to balance your daily basics like soaps, cleansers, and more. However in a truly tiny bathroom, skinny pedestal sinks, not countertops, are the norm, and that leaves little room to stash your stuff. Claim space for your personal effects, even in a small bath, with an over-the-sink shelf like this one. Its rust-proof metal frame makes it perfect for sinks of all materials, and the plastic storage trays can be removed for easy cleaning. Available on Amazon, $17.00.

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Ottoman Bed

Fold Out Ottoman Bed

Even the most space-starved person can be a gracious host, although it takes not just hospitality, but ingenuity, to make a welcoming home. Give overnight visitors a place rest their heads, without converting precious space into a guest room, by employing this cleverly concealed bed. What looks like an ordinary ottoman unfolds into a comfortable cot, so you can transform any room into an instant bedroom, and then back again in a snap. Available on Amazon; $227.70.

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