11 Budget DIYs for an Instantly Better Bedroom

The bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation, which is why it's so important that its overall look perfectly matches your idea of a restorative retreat. The high price tags at home goods stores may make it seem impossible to revamp your space on a tight budget, but these simple DIYs prove otherwise. See how these attainable projects add functional style to any bedroom for almost no cost at all.

Block Party

DIY Cinder Block Nightstand

Cinder blocks are the superhero behind this easy DIY. Simply stack a trio of these cement structures and you have an industrial-style nightstand that sports built-in storage, perfect for any room that needs a spot to stash bedside extras. 

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Reflected Glory

DIY Mirror Stand

Repurpose a bland full-length mirror into a cool accent piece—on stilts! Use a router to cut slots into a pair of painted wood railing poles. Then, carefully remove the mirror from its frame and slide the glass into the slots. Lean your creation against a bedroom wall to add a touch of glam to the room, and to make it seem more spacious. 

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Hook Hack

DIY Coat Pegs

This convenient drop zone is perfect for housing your scarves, bags, and other accessories. Crafted from little more than old drawer knobs and hanger bolts, this simple DIY can add color, pattern, and organization to your bedroom for little to no extra cash.

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Under Ware

DIY Underbed Storage

Salvage a set of old drawers and give them a second life as charming under-the-bed bins. Brush the drawers with a fresh coat of paint and distress, if that’s your style. Attach casters to the bottom corners for an easy way to access them when necessary, and slide them away when finished. 

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Stuck-Up Style

Removable Adhesive Wallpaper

For a wow-worthy room redo that’s fast and low-commitment, consider removable adhesive wallpaper. Available in an ever-increasing variety of patterns and colors, the paper is so easy to install, and can be quickly taken down when you're ready for a change without damaging the surface.

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Screen Time

DIY Headboard

A headboard can add elegance to any space, but you don't have to spend a ton to get this sophisticated result. Build a simple folding screen from insulation board and cover the panels with batting or fabric that matches your room. Finish by securing the boards together with brass hinges for a touch of shine. 

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Rope Trick

DIY Hanging Bedside Table

This ingenious swinging table frees up floor space while still adding a spot to stash extras. Coat a slab of natural wood (this table uses black walnut) with polyurethane to give it shine, drill three holes through the wood, and then hang it with rope suspended from a ceiling hook. You'll love how the table adds a warm organic style to any room.

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Door Do-Over

Barn Door Style Closet Door

Upgrade your boring sliding closet doors by transforming them into barn-style versions. Nail a little wood trim diagonally across the front, add some industrial pulls, and brush on a few coats of white paint and you're basically there. The amazing finishing touch lies in this blogger's clever trick: Amp up the cottage style charm by drawing lines of permanent marker to imitate vertical slats. 

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Floor Flourish

DIY No-Sew Rug

Whip up a soft landing place beside the bed with this no-sew rug project. To make it, start with a heavyweight fabric and a canvas drop cloth for the underside. Cut both to the size you want, fold the edges under, then fuse the whole thing together with a sheet of iron-on webbing. Does it get any easier? 

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Peg Perfect

DIY Pegboard Headboard

For a never-boring bedroom, create a customizable display area that also functions as a cute headboard. Cut budget-friendly pegboard to fit the space above your bed, add a few coats of paint in a complementary color, and mount it to the wall. Then have a blast creating your own ever-changing collage of mementos and artwork. 

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Self-Made Masterpiece

DIY Modern Artwork

Bold, abstract artwork adds a touch of modern-chic over a bed or dresser. To create one for pennies, pick up a thrift store painting with a clean-lined frame. Cover the old artwork with a coat of primer, then brush on your own design using black and white paint, or a mix of colors that suits your room. The best part about this easy DIY? You don't need to be an artist to make it great—in fact, the more imperfect, the better! 

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