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11 Creative Ideas for a Shared Kids’ Room

Short on bedroom space? Make all your little ones happy with these standout shared kids' room ideas.

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The More the Merrier

Designing and organizing a room for two or more children can be a real challenge. It’s tough to create a space that gels with multiple personalities and doesn’t leave kids feeling cramped. To address this dilemma, we’ve compiled a list of creative ideas for multi-kid rooms. You’re bound to find some inspiration here. From cozy bunk beds to clever design schemes, there’s something to fit almost every scenario.

Desert Bunk Beds

Try to spot all the cacti in this Palm Springs-themed kids room from A Beautiful Mess. It’s sophisticated enough for grown-ups but features plenty of cute-as-a-button elements to appeal to kids. This simple room is filled with detail but short on clutter. It’s a cozy, adorable haven for two.

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Sophisticated and Chic

Older kids might not love the idea of sharing a room with a sibling, but they’ll have a harder time making a fuss over a bedroom like this one. Jessica Bruno from Four Generations One Roof created this space for her teen girls. She delineated the area by accenting each bed differently and included a multi-drawer dresser, so both girls have access to plenty of storage.

Neutral Twin Beds

Not every kid is fond of bunk beds, and not all kid’s spaces need to be full of cutesy accents. Ursula, of Homemade by Carmona, chose to keep it simple for this budget-friendly gender-neutral bedroom makeover. She managed a cost-effective redesign by focusing on key elements—quality mattresses, sheets, paint—and repurposing an old TV stand. This bare-bones design-scheme is perfect for Airbnbs, cottages, and other types of rental units.

Extra Closet Space

Visbeen Architects

While you might not want to sacrifice a closet in your full-time home, it’s potentially the perfect spot for extra bed space in a cottage or lake house. In this bedroom design by Visbeen Architects, the additional closet is transformed into a sleeping bunk to accommodate extra guests. Capitalizing on unused closet space is a great way to make room for multiple families within a home away from home.

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Double Day Beds

Lauren Rubin Architecture

This adorable pink-hued design by Lauren Rubin Architecture makes up for limited floorspace by placing the beds in a corner configuration. The daybeds almost take on the appearance of a cozy L-shaped sofa. When the kids head to college, the room can be transformed into an office or library and the daybeds can form a reading nook.

Eclectic Cottage

Folkway Design & Wares Co.

This cottage bedroom by Folkway Design & Wares Co. is full of pops of color and whimsy. Antique elements and bright accents make for an eclectic combo. The soft gray walls keep things cozy while the art and bamboo blinds bring in natural elements reminiscent of Mother Nature. This room, fit for young and old, features a design that’s sure to appeal to tweens and teens interested in a grown-up bedroom makeover.

Adventurer Theme

Sara Ligorria-Tramp | Design: Emily Henderson Design

If only it were possible to stay at the lakeside cabin all-year-round. With this adventure-themed bedroom, the possibility might be closer than you think. Turn your kids’ bedroom into a playful oasis with this design theme that’s straight out of a storybook. Designer Emily Henderson explains that the goal of the makeover was to create a lively, interactive space while still keeping things neat and tidy. Our favorite accent? The tiny faux pine trees that add an (almost) real wild element to the room.

Small Space Organization

When multiple kids share a room, it can be challenging to find ways to store all of their stuff. This four-kid room from Dreaming of Homemaking manages to sneak in smart storage ideas without compounding clutter. The simple desk area features hidden storage and a spot to hide cables. On the other end of the room, there’s a built-in bookshelf and a storage bench for tucking away video game accessories. The room also has a shelving unit featuring soft-sided baskets for toy storage, a PAX dresser, and a sliding bucket unit for storing bits and bobs.

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Shared Toddler and Baby Room

Not everyone has enough space for a separate nursery when a new bundle of joy comes along. This shared room from Retro Den effortlessly blends a baby and toddler bedroom to create a relaxing haven for all. The geometric accent wall and simplistic palette make things easy-to-tweak as the children get older. Instead of pasting baby-themed elements throughout the room, the savvy parents were careful to select accessories, like bookcases and floating shelves, where toys and picture books can be swapped for trophies and chapter books as children grow.

Whimsical Florals

Noelle of Oh Happy Play used eye-catching floral wallpaper to create this playful paradise for her two young girls. The canopy beds add a touch of elegance and ensure that each girl gets their private space. On the opposite end of the room, a play area and window reading nook with added wall-mounted book storage provide a place to stretch out.

Beach Theme

Ashley Avila Photography | Design: Bayberry Cottage

This beachy bedroom by Bayberry Cottage is big enough to fit a whole family or a gaggle of kids. Hanging out in the space, which was initially an unfinished room atop a garage,  makes any day feel like a seaside vacation thanks to its aqua and white color scheme, red-checkered bedding, and nautical light fixtures. A whale stencil punctuates the angled walls and recessed shelves incorporate additional storage for knick-knacks and books.

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