11 Different Ways to Use a Single Sock

Socks seem to just disappear in the dryer, leaving you with an ever-growing supply of unmatched socks. But there’s no need to despair when you're left with a sock without a mate. Solitary stockings have many practical uses around the house, from shining your shoes to freshening the air. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite ways to recycle orphan socks—even though we still haven't figured how their mates went missing!

  1. Pick Up Small Objects

    Sock vacuum hose


    If you’ve broken your favorite necklace and now tiny beads abound on the floor, this trick will help you recover them (or other small objects) with ease. Slide a sock on the end of your vacuum hose and secure it with a rubber band. Once you turn on the vacuum, the pieces will stick to the sock without getting sucked down the hose.

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  2. Polish Shoes or Silver

    Polish shoes sock


    A solo sock can effortlessly polish silver or shine a pair of shoes. We suggest using a cotton sock for this task, because the gentle fibers won’t leave behind any scratches.

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  3. Block the Draft

    Draft sock


    Keep a cold draft from creeping under the door with this DIY solution: Take a few long socks (think knee-highs or boot socks) and fill them with alternating layers of popcorn kernels and polyester stuffing. Attach the ends together, then place the stopper in front of any drafty door. Find the full tutorial on Garden Therapy

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  4. Dust the House

    Sock duster


    A sock can always double as a humble duster. Armed with a cleaner in one hand and a sock over the other, simply spray and wipe objects around the house. Make sure to rotate the sock as it gets dirty to expose clean fabric, and you’ll have sparkling surfaces in no time!

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  5. De-Ice Your Wipers

    Snow ice car


    Cold weather calls for excess preparation. Keep a few single socks in your glove compartment, and place them over your windshield wiper blades before a snowstorm or the night before a predicted freezing morning. The socks will keep the blades ice-free, so you won't have to scrape them before driving.

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  6. Warm Your Body

    Hot pack


    As a quick solution to sore muscles, fill an old sock with white rice and tie the end. Zap it in the microwave for about a minute, and you’ll have a versatile hot pack that you can use on any part of your body. Check out Rae Gun Ramblings for the full tutorial.

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  7. Wash Your Car

    Car wash


    After you convert a sock into a sponge, you’ll have no excuse to avoid washing your car. A sock can clean hard-to-reach spots, and it can be revived in the washing machine for subsequent uses. Keep a bucket of orphan socks stockpiled in the garage with your other car washing supplies.

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  8. Protect Your Floors

    Scratch floor


    Whether you’re rearranging a room or packing for a move, dragging furniture legs across hardwood can leave unattractive scratches. Put an end to scuffing by slipping a sock over each leg before sliding tables, chairs, or couches around the floor. With this trick, moving heavy furniture has never been easier!

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  9. Freshen Your Space

    Sock air freshener


    The stuffy air in cars and closets can be less than appealing. When a room could use a whiff of something fresh, upcycle a lone sock into a sachet. Fill the sock with your favorite dried herbs and flowers, then add a few drops of an essential oil like lavender or lemon. This DIY fragrance is an eco-friendly alternative to that “New Car Smell” freshener dangling from your rearview mirror.

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  10. Hide Your Valuables

    Safe sock


    While traveling, stash your favorite necklace or extra cash inside a sock. This guarantees that small items won’t get lost in your suitcase and discreetly keeps valuables hidden in plain sight.

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  11. Soften Your Clothes

    Tennis ball sock


    A sock-covered tennis ball can be much more than a fun dog toy. If you toss one of these creations in the dryer, your laundry will dry faster and more efficiently. The movement of the tennis ball prevents clothes from sticking together and softens the fabrics. It also ensures that bulkier items, such as down comforters, get properly fluffed.

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