12 Fresh Ideas for Your Kids' Room

We've rounded up the best new trends for kids' room decor, so your child's space can be just as incredible as he or she is.

  1. Dreamy Headboard

    Dreamy Headboard

    This headboard is made with plywood, Christmas lights, and glow-in-the-dark stars. It’s a simple DIY project and a nightlight any kid would love.


  2. Window Dressing

    Window Dressing

    Tulle and scrap fabric transform a simple curtain rod into something special for your little girl. No sewing involved!


  3. Bookcase Room Divider

    Bookcase Room Divider

    Provide siblings in a shared room some privacy with a tall bookcase . Painted a coordinating color with the walls, this divider looks like it was always meant to be there.


  4. Roller Shade DIY

    Roller Shade DIY

    To customize a window, fabric or paper can be affixed to a plain-jane roller shade with spray adhesive. This map gives this kids' room a sense of both adventure and balance.


  5. Reading Nook

    Reading Nook

    Turn any corner into a cozy, quiet reading nook. You can go for simplicity, as in the case of this book rack and bean bag corner, or take it to the next level with window seats, loft spaces, and DIY teepees. The sky's the limit!


  6. Room Storage

    Room Storage

    If the only way to get your kids to clean their rooms is to make the process fun, then this basket-and-pulley storage system should do the trick (and perhaps provide a lesson about simple machines, to boot). These colorful baskets creatively store belongings while adding an extra dimension to the room.


  7. Growth Chart

    Growth Chart

    A growth chart can be a significant piece of decor. This oversized tape measure transfers inches into feet on the wall while making a colorful contrast with the rest of the room.


  8. Chalkboard Walls

    Chalkboard Walls

    Chalkboard paint can turn a bland wall into the focal point of a room. Some chalkboard paint is even magnetic—double the fun potential!


  9. Under-the-Bed Storage

    Under-the-Bed Storage

    All those smaller toys can be kept under control... under the bed. Many beds come with storage drawers, but you can make your own with a long, low open box, or using a crate and some casters.


  10. Pegboard Art

    Pegboard Art

    Pegboard is not just for tool shops and garages anymore! Painted a vibrant green, this board not only displays gorgeous works of art, but also keep crafts supplies neat and contained.


  11. Wall Decals

    Wall Decals

    Creating a starry, starry night is within reach with some glow-in-the-dark decals. Placed on walls or ceilings, they give a dark room special sparkle.


  12. LED Light Blocks

    LED Light Blocks

    You can build your own lamp with colorful, low-voltage LED blocks. These modular cubes are cool to the touch and can be locked into an endless stream of different configurations. To top it off, they draw less electricity than a nightlight, helping you save energy even in your kid's room.


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