12 Genius Ways to Reuse Your Plastic Bottles

We all know that plastic isn't exactly eco-friendly, so if you want to do your part to protect the planet, the best course of action is to reduce the amount of plastic waste you generate. But if you happen to have a used plastic bottle lying around, your best option is to recycle it—unless you're in a particularly creative mood, in which case you can use it as the basis for a crafty DIY project.

  1. Zipper Cases

    Plastic Bottle Zipper Container

    Corral pens, pencils, and other knickknacks inside a cute zippered pouch, like these from the blogger at Make It & Love It. One-liter bottles are just the right height for storing long pencils and pens, while two bases from a pair of two-liter bottles come together to form a perfectly sized pocket for crayons.

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  2. Bird Feeder

    Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

    Help nature in two wonderful ways with this project, which both repurposes a plastic bottle and feeds backyard birds. While you might need to make a run for birdseed, all the other materials are probably already hiding in your kitchen. Here Comes the Sun has the full tutorial for this neat bird feeder.

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  3. Waterproof Storage Tube

    Waterproof Storage Tube

    The perfect addition for your emergency preparedness kit or camping supplies, this waterproof storage tube will keep long matches safe and dry. You can make this handy container with a short length of plastic pipe and the mouths and caps of two water bottles.

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    instructables.com via ehudwill

  4. Drip Irrigation

    Plastic Bottle Drip Irrigation

    A drip irrigation system is a water-efficient solution that helps get moisture right down to the roots. You might expect to pay top dollar for materials and installation of a quality irrigation system, but in reality you don’t need much more than a plastic bottle and a sock. Punch holes in a plastic bottle, drop in an old sock, then bury the bottle to the neck and occasionally fill it with water, which will slowly leak out to the surrounding roots. 

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    instructables.com via Kiteman

  5. Strawberry Tower Reservoir

    Strawberry Tower DIY

    Growing fresh berries in your backyard may seem like a pipe dream if you're stuck with a tiny plot where bushes have little room to grow. Ananda from A Piece of Rainbow solved this problem by creating this space-saving strawberry tower. The vertical garden incorporates a built-in reservoir made from an upturned plastic bottle, so plants stay properly hydrated.

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  6. Plastic Bag Dispenser

    Plastic Bag Dispenser DIY

    Much like repurposing plastic bottles, reusing plastic bags represents a small step toward a more sustainable home. But plastic bags can quickly take over the broom closet and sow chaos in an otherwise organized house. With this simple solution from Craft Your Happiness, you'll have a convenient—and attractive—spot for keeping bags contained until you need them.

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  7. Path Lights

    DIY Path Lights

    Everyone wants a lovely and functional outdoor space, but installing new landscaping accents can be a shock to the wallet. If you’re looking for ways to boost curb appeal without emptying your pockets, these DIY path lights fit the bill. Easily assembled from plastic bottles, dowels, tea lights, and paint, they will make a big impact at your next backyard bash.

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  8. Self-Watering Plants

    Self Watering Planter DIY

    Drip irrigation isn't just for the outdoors. You can build your own affordable indoor planters that look good and handle the onerous task of watering all on their own.

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  9. Pillow Box

    DIY Pillow Box

    Gift bags or wrapping paper can seem like overkill when you're dealing with party favors or tiny gifts. For little goodies like these, a small DIY pillow box is just the ticket—and a smart way to reuse leftover plastic at home. Follow the tutorial at Craft Your Happiness to make your own.

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  10. Windsock

    DIY Windsock

    Don’t bother buying outdoor decorations when you can craft your own for next to nothing. It's easy enough to make a few variations of this plastic-bottle windsock and switch them out as the season or occasion changes.

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    instructables.com via KimberlyStoney

  11. Greenhouse

    Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

    A greenhouse creates the ideal environment for growing plants, but most people don't have the space to build one in the backyard. If your seedlings need a little help staving off the cold, however, you can fake greenhouse conditions with only a plastic bottle. Unscrew the cap and cut the bottom off a one-liter or larger bottle, then place it over a plant to keep it warm and safe from frost.

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  12. Hanging Planters

    DIY Hanging Planters

    Who knew that plastic bottles would make good planters for small succulents! This project from A Beautiful Mess shows how anyone can turn a little yarn and a few clean plastic bottles into a hanging succulent garden.

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  13. Be Resourceful

    Be Resourceful

    These are smart and clever ways to make use of your waste. Just don't forget to recycle any leftover plastic scraps!


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