12 Plants That Will Make Your Garden Smell Great

Love the sweet smell of spring? Infuse your garden with these 12 fragrant flowers, and you’ll be greeted with beguiling aromas whenever you leave the house.

  1. Pineapple Sage

    Pineapple Sage

    If pineapple sage’s spiky red blooms don’t catch your attention, its sweet pineapple scent surely will. As a bonus, the green leaves can add tropical flavor to beverages, jams, and more. Available at Home Depot; $4.98 each.

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  2. Gardenia

    Gardenia Scent

    Thanks to its sweet scent, gardenia is infused in perfumes all over the world. Gardenia plants can be grown both indoors and out, where their evergreen foliage and white flowers delightfully upgrade any landscape. Available on Amazon; $14.99.

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  3. Jasmine Tobacco

    Jasmine Tobacco

    While most varieties of nicotiana are fragrant, the scent of jasmine tobacco is particularly pronounced. The star-shaped flowers on this garden stunner are especially impressive at night, because their aroma grows stronger after dusk. Available on Amazon; $6 for 610 seeds.

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  4. Stargazer Lily

    Stargazer Lily

    This showy flower's large, outward-facing blooms aim toward the sky—thus the name “stargazer.” In addition to its pleasant odor, homeowners love the lily’s strong stalks and pink-spotted flowers that bring vibrancy to gardens and containers alike. Available on Amazon; $14.25 for 12 bulbs. 

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  5. 'Scentsation' Honeysuckle

    Scentsation Honeysuckle

    The tubular yellow flowers of 'Scentsation' honeysuckle bloom from mid-spring to late summer, when they give way to bright red berries. Consider adorning a trellis with the fragrant plant, or using it as a beautiful yet low-maintenance ground cover. Available at Home Depot; $30.89 for a one-gallon container. 

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  6. Four O’Clocks

    Four O’Clocks

    This perennial’s name stems from its tendency to bloom late in the afternoon. Its lemony scent and vibrant color palette bring tropical vibes to any porch, patio, or yard. Available on Amazon; $6.99 for 0.25 lbs of seeds.

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  7. German Chamomile

    German Chamomile

    With daisy-like flowers and an herbal scent, German chamomile adds a dainty element to any garden—and it provides a supply of homemade tea to boot. To ensure many steaming cuppas, grow the chamomile in well-draining soil with plenty of sunlight. Available on Amazon; $1.99 for 500+ seeds.

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  8. 'Baby Moon' Daffodil

    Baby Moon Daffodil

    Considered a miniature daffodil because of its small size, 'Baby Moon' is perhaps the most fragrant plant in the daffodil family. Its golden-yellow flowers bring a sunny touch to any garden or container. Available on Amazon; $33 for 10 bulbs.

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  9. Tuberose


    Grow this South American flower as an annual, and you’ll enjoy a season of exotic fragrance. The scent has been compared to everything from gardenias to vanilla to buttered popcorn. Available on Amazon; $9.95 for three extra-large bulb clumps.

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  10. Freesia

    Freesia Scent

    Though freesia is available in multiple varieties and colors, every flower shares a pleasantly sweet aroma. That's why you’ll find freesia in countless soaps, perfumes, scented oils, and lotions. Available on Amazon; $11.90 for 60 bulbs.

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  11. Heliotrope


    Heliotrope’s distinctive cherry and vanilla scent earned it the nickname “cherry pie plant.” Gardeners will enjoy its attractive green foliage and large clusters of tiny white or purple-hued buds that bloom in the summertime. Available on Amazon; $1.39 for 100 seeds.

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  12. Chocolate Flower

    Chocolate Flower

    Native to the southernmost regions of the United States and Mexico, this daisy-like flower (more formally known as lyreleaf greeneyes) radiates a cocoa smell. You’ll probably notice the scent mid-morning, before the afternoon sunlight causes the petals to close up. Available on Amazon; $6.49 for 50 seeds.

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  13. A Scent-sational Garden

    A Scent-sational Garden

    A great smelling—and looking—garden doesn't have to be hard work if you use the right plants.


  14. Don't Miss!


    With a pinch of effort and almost no upkeep, you can have the lush, beautiful garden of your dreams. The secret is to choose plant varieties that enjoy a little hardship. We’ve compiled the essential list of hardy flora, with tips for care and maintenance. Go now!