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12 Things Every Gen-Zer Wants for Their Room

Transform that room into a Gen-Z refuge with lights, lamps, and chairs designed for gaming, comfort, and meditative relaxation.
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Accessorize for Comfort and Atmosphere

Generation Z, those born between roughly 1995 to 2015, are stepping into their own and ready to make their personal space an expression of who they are. Those landing in the older end of the generation are well on their way to knowing the hobbies, interests, and style they want to incorporate into their room. Younger members lean toward fun, adaptable pieces that make the room a hideaway for them and their friends.

LED Light Strip

Spice up the room with LED light strips by Govee. The light strips can line the room, a bed, or a dresser. The lights are built into the strips at even distances, giving them a professional but funky look. Govee’s LED light strips include an app and connectivity with Alexa and Google Assistant to turn them on/off, change the color, or dim them to create a mood. It includes a remote control, so the app isn’t absolutely necessary, offering an option for younger kids who may not have a mobile device just yet. Available on Amazon; $59.99.

Salt Lamp

The Mineralamp Salt Lamp provides a soft, fire-like glow without the fire hazard. They’re a favorite for meditating but add lighting, texture, and atmosphere, too. This model is hand-carved from Himalayan salt and uses a 15-watt incandescent bulb. They vary in weight based on the crystal size, but the orange glow offers soothing relief from the bright blue light of a computer or television screen. Available on Amazon; $15.89.

Fake Plant

A little greenery adds color and life, but taking care of the real deal isn’t always practical. The Besamenature Artificial Leaf Fig Tree is big enough for use on the floor or a side table. The fake plant comes in four heights, is waterproof, and fits in pots, baskets, or buckets to blend with the room’s style. Available on Amazon; $39.90.

Polaroid Wall Hanging

Bring a little retro with BIZAYAC’s Hanging Photo Display. Polaroids are back with a vengeance, filling the need for instant gratification but with a permanence and spontaneity you can’t get with digital photography. A peel-and-stick design allows customization in the layout and offers hanging space for up to 30 photos. Available on Amazon; $12.99.


This is not grandma’s version of a tapestry. This modern tapestry taps into the spiritual mysteries of the universe. It includes chakras for meditation and gives the room a distinct vibe with its meditating skeleton. It comes in several sizes and can function as a blanket, throw, or tablecloth full of personality. Available on Amazon; $14.91.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers utilize the healing, meditative, and calming power of essential oils like lavender for calm, lemon for energy, or mint for healing. The Gather Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser features a remote control, soothing music, and lights. Made of natural materials (glass and wood), its manufacturing and use offer an eco-friendly decor piece. Available on Amazon; $86.99.

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Bluetooth Speaker

iTunes, Pandora, Spotify—no one wants to be too far from their favorite playlist. Portable Bluetooth speakers like the JBL Flip 4 go wherever Gen-Zers go and connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device. This speaker can handle spills and complete submersion without damage. It connects to similar models for surround sound potential, too. An impressive 12-hour battery life lets it stay in the room or go along for a day with friends without losing power. Available on Amazon; $79.95.

Cozy Throw Blanket

Comfort reigns supreme. The LOMAO Sherpa Fleece Blanket’s ultra-soft fabric lets you sink into comfort. It has the right blend of color and design to bring visual impact while feeling amazing when curled up on the couch. The throw blanket comes in five sizes and 12 colors to fit in with any color scheme. Available on Amazon; $32.99.

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Full-Length Mirror

Appearance matters, whether social restrictions are in place or not. A full-length mirror to check the hair, shirt, pants, shoe combo lets Gen-Zers step out with confidence. This wide, gold-framed model from NeuType provides an extra-large vertical and horizontal view. It comes in 13 frame colors if gold isn’t just right. Plus, a large mirror makes the room look and feel bigger. Available on Amazon; $144.99.

Stylish Storage Cart

Books, video games, and makeup are only a few of the items a great cart can hold. A wheeled model like the CAXXA 3-Tier Rolling Metal Storage Organizer moves in any direction to accommodate a true multi-use space. Pull it next to a desk to do homework, move it by a mirror to get ready for a Zoom meeting, or use it as a moving nightstand. Available on Amazon; $39.99.

Gaming Chair

A gaming chair provides a full gaming experience. The Gtracing Gaming Chair includes two Bluetooth speakers that can connect to a tablet or smartphone to stream a favorite playlist or connect it to the console for intense gameplay. Adjust the back angle, lumbar support, and headrest to play in customized comfort (and style). Available on Amazon; $199.

Floor Pillow

The HIGOGOGO Floor Pillow gives friends a place to crash. Soft corduroy feels luxurious and comes in 15 colors, from blending browns to mustard and pink. Floor cushions get scrunched and misshapen, but this model’s nine tuft stitches hold the fabric and foam in place. Filled with soft cotton, it provides a good balance of cushioning and support. Available on Amazon; $36.99.

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