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15 Products to Help You Warm Up Every Corner of Your Home

Winter is here, but that doesn’t mean it has to feel like it inside your home.

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Turn the Thermostat to Maximum Coziness

Cold winter temperatures have arrived, and you’ve undoubtedly already spent some time snuggled under a warm blanket. Sadly, you can’t spend the whole day on the couch. But when you move away from your favorite warm spot, even a slight dip in temperature can leave you feeling the chill. That’s why we’ve put together this list of products that will help keep you warm all winter long—indoors and out.

Cozy Heated Blanket

Setting your smart thermostat to eco mode is great for the environment but less of a treat for people in your household who like it hot. For those heat seekers, try this snug electric blanket that features three heat settings. Throw out that old electric blanket—it’s probably a fire hazard, anyway—and treat yourself to this plush velvet throw that even has an auto-shutoff function to prevent overheating. Available on Amazon; $54.95.

Draft Stopper

Air leaks can have a huge impact on indoor temperatures, and one of the most common places for air to come through is around door and window frames. Fortunately, the drafty area under your door is easy to patch up with the help of a draft stopper. The Holikme stopper features strong adhesive, so opening and shutting doors won’t pry it loose. The stopper blocks sound as well as air, so it’s also handy on interior doors to keep noise levels down within your home. Available on Amazon; $9.95.

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Heated Vest

It’s tempting to hibernate indoors all winter, but you have to head outside sometimes, if only to walk the dog! When you’re forced to brave the cold, don this ORORO heated vest. The machine-washable, insulated, heated vest features a built-in battery pack that provides up to 10 hours of warmth per charge. The heating elements are incorporated throughout the vest to ensure no part of your torso gets too cold. Available on Amazon; $129.99 to $139.99 (pricing varies by color and size).

Mug Warmer

In the winter, your freshly brewed cup of coffee can quickly turn to cold brew in a matter of minutes. Good news! With the Mr. Coffee mug warmer, you don’t have to down frigid java. The small coaster-like mug warmer takes up minimal desktop space and features a long power cord and handy indicator light to let you know when it’s working its heating magic. Available on Amazon; $10.99.

Heated Jacket

When it starts to get so cold your eyelashes freeze, you need more than a vest to get through your morning run or walk. This battery-powered heated jacket is ideal for ultra-cold outdoor winter activities. You can choose between three heat settings, and you’ll get up to 10 hours of use from a single charge. You can also use the built-in battery to charge your smartphone on the go. Available on Amazon; $149.

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Boot Dryer

Wet boots aren’t just uncomfortable to wear. They’ll also quickly stink up your whole entryway. Keep soggy boots dry with the PEET electric boot dryer. The quiet boot dryer is energy efficient and dries footwear within 3 to 8 hours. It also comes with an impressive 25-year warranty. Available on Amazon; $44.99.

Heated Toilet Seat

Sitting on a cold toilet seat in the middle of a frigid winter night is no picnic. Treat your tush to this high-tech heated toilet seat that does more than just provide a warm spot for your behind. It also has a host of features to leave you feeling clean and refreshed after your visit. The heated seat spurts warm water, deodorizes the air, and even has an air dryer to help you cut down on toilet paper use. Available on Amazon; $328.35.

Garage Door Insulation

Your home’s doors can let in air leaks, but because your house is heated, a few leaks won’t leave you feeling like an icicle. Your garage is another story. Air leaks around your garage door can turn your workshop into an icebox. DIY your way to a warmer garage with this garage door insulation kit so you won’t have to bundle up like the Michelin Man every time you have to grab something from your tool kit. Available on Amazon; $42.18.

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Warmer Sheets

If you regularly wake up feeling chilly in the middle of the night, you might want to invest in a set of winter-ready flannel sheets. These Mellanni sheets are 100 percent cotton flannel and will keep you warm until spring. The deep pockets will fit on even the thickest of mattresses, and the sheets are also wrinkle-resistant (bye-bye, ironing!) and have a soft velvety feel. Available on Amazon; $42.97 (queen set).

Heated Mattress Pad

Still not warm enough? Outfit your bed with this water-resistant heated mattress pad. The cotton pad comes with a controller that allows you to pick from up to 20 heat settings. You can also control each side of the pad separately, so you can make it hot for yourself but turn it off entirely for your partner who prefers to sleep cool. The mattress pad also features a 10-hour auto-shutoff, just in case you forget to turn it off in the morning. Available on Amazon; $82.92.

Space Heater

Many home heating systems don’t do a great job of evenly heating up interiors. For instance, your living room might feel cozy, but your basement is probably a lot chillier. Turning up the thermostat will fix the downstairs temperatures but leave people upstairs sweating. Don’t put up with discomfort! Instead, try a portable electric heater. The GiveBest ceramic heater has two heat settings and a fan-only mode. It also cycles on and off to maintain your chosen room temp. A tip-over switch and an overheating sensor help keep the device safe to use, but don’t forget to turn it off when you exit the room. Available on Amazon; $36.99.

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Rechargeable Hand Warmers

If you’re one of the many people who have circulation issues, you might have perpetually cold hands and feet. Make them toasty with this set of rechargeable hand warmers that can be used both indoors and out to help improve circulation and warm up your icy extremities. The warmers will stay powered for up to 12 hours and are durable enough for use during winter sports activities. Available on Amazon; $24.99.

Electric Fireplace

A fireplace is a lovely feature, but it can be a lot of work. You need to buy and store wood, sweep it out after use, and have the chimney professionally cleaned at least once a year to get rid of soot and prevent pests from nesting inside. Wood-burning fireplaces are also a source of greenhouse gases, and they contribute to air pollution. Swap wood for electricity with this luxurious Valuxhome electric fireplace that lets you customize your experience by adjusting the heat setting, flame colors, and brightness of the unit. Available on Amazon; $580.54 for the 60-inch unit.

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Propane Heater

Winter can be a magical season. A town freshly blanketed in snow is a sight to see and a tempting invitation to head outdoors for some winter fun. Stay outside a little longer with the help of a portable propane heater like this Mr. Heater unit. It produces up to 9,000 BTUs of heat and features a lightweight design that’s easy to tote around. The device is approved for both indoor and outdoor use, but use extreme caution when using it indoors. Available on Amazon; $99.99.

Towel Warmer

Getting out of a hot, steamy shower only to grab a cold, damp towel is the worst. Make your morning shower routine a little more pleasant with the help of this Warmrails towel warmer. The wall-mounted towel warmer both dries and warms towels, so you can start feeling warm and snuggly the minute you exit your shower. In the summertime, use it to dry bathing suits and pool towels. Available on Amazon; $162.32.

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