12 Unusual Ways to Reinvent Old Sports Gear

You may not describe yourself as a sports enthusiast, but chances are that your garage or attic contains a surplus of extra athletic equipment. Don't let old golf clubs or damaged basketball hoops go to waste with these ideas for taking sports gear off the sidelines and putting it center field in your home's decor.

By Tracy Anderson | Updated Aug 13, 2019 09:54 PM

Decked Out

DIY Shelves

Unique patterns and bright designs make skateboard decks the ultimate custom shelves. Remove the wheels and slide them into a bookshelf or storage unit to create a colorful spot to display footwear, accessories, or other everyday items. 

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Bed Sled

DIY Bench

A vintage toboggan emits cozy memories of wintertime fun. With a few materials and a little guidance from Modish and Main, you can recreate this homey sled in your own bedroom. 

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Batter Up

DIY Chair

With approximately one bat from each player on a baseball team, you would have almost collected the entire roster of materials needed to make this impressive chair that's the perfect perch for any sports fanatic. 

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Match Point

DIY Mirror

Serve up a dose of eclectic style by fashioning old tennis rackets into funky wall mirrors. Keeping the strings intact, ask your local glass specialist to glue a custom-cut mirror to the inside of each racket head. Once complete, hang the finished products amongst a collection of family heirlooms or vintage-look accessories to create a statement gallery wall. 

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Stick Trick

DIY Headboard

This headboard is sure to make any hockey-playing teen the envy of the whole team. Cut the sticks to varying heights, alternate the ends, and affix them to a span of pegboard or the wall to create a headboard that's personal, stylish, and fun. 

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Foundation Frame

DIY Garden Edging

While perhaps not as classic as cobblestones, bowling balls possess many of the same features when used as garden edging. Easy to install and certainly eye-catching, this idea just might be your perfect game.

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Nothin' but Net

DIY Table

Here's a project that yields a slam dunk wow factor. Affixed to a tempered glass top, you can easily turn a standard basketball rim and net into a functional wall-mounted table that is sure to add a sporty touch to any space. 

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Tee Off

DIY Fence

Using golf clubs to embellish a residential fence makes for a hole-in-one outdoor decor idea. Alternate the golf club heights and attach golf balls at random to mimic this idea that's great for any golf enthusiast. 

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Lock and Roll

DIY Storage

Add a little industrial flair to your space with a rolling storage unit made form a refinished athletic locker. After some new paint, new hardware, and the addition of four heavy-duty casters, you'll have a great place to store clothing, books, office supplies, and more.

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DIY Coat Rack

Even if you've played your last round, your woods and irons can have an active retirement. This rack made from a reclaimed door panel and several club heads that serve as hooks makes a great landing spot for your hats. 

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Run Down the Clock

DIY Clock

You'll want to take the time to enjoy this statement clock made from a recycled bike wheel and gears. A new quartz movement is the only other part required to get it ticking.

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Blossoming Bicycle

DIY Planter

Instead of gathering dust, transform an old-fashioned bike into an impromptu freestanding garden. The front basket houses your smaller plants, and a larger pot secured to the seat makes room for bigger blooms.

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