13 DIY Squirrel Feeder Ideas for Your Yard

Move over, birds! These feeders are for your bushy-tailed backyard friends.

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Invite Squirrels to Their Very Own Feeder

marneejill via flickr.com

It’s hard not to laugh at the antics of backyard squirrels. They often seem to possess super-squirrel powers as they leap, swoop, climb, and dash from tree to tree, along fence tops, and even right up the sides of stucco walls. Watching squirrels can be a very enjoyable pastime for you and your children, and it can even provide entertainment for your indoor cats.

Keep a steady stream of frolicsome squirrels heading to your backyard by offering them a feeder stocked with nuts, seeds, and other treats. As a bonus, when you give squirrels their own feeder, they may be more likely to leave your bird feeders alone.

Let the fun and games begin! Bring those bushy-tailed critters running with these 13 DIY squirrel feeder ideas.

Midcentury Modern Squirrel Feeder


You don’t have to be Frank Lloyd Wright to design a squirrel feeder that melds form with function. In fact, you can find the complete video instructions for this simple DIY squirrel feeder at Instructables. Fill the feeder with unsalted roasted peanuts, dried corn, or even a few bits of raw fruits and vegetables, and your backyard visitors will dine in trendy style.

Saloon Squirrel Feeder


They might not mosey up to the bar for a cold, frosty beverage, but your backyard squirrels are sure to enjoy visiting this DIY saloon-themed squirrel feeder, found on Ana White, for a few of their favorite snacks. Nuts are a good option, unsalted and preferably in the shell to promote the gnawing necessary to keep squirrels’ teeth from growing too long.

Tree Limb Squirrel Feeder

Marco Metzler via flickr.com

If you prefer to keep your feeder as simple as possible, or don’t have the necessary tools for complex woodworking, you can still create a DIY squirrel feeder that keeps both you and your frisky friends happy. Just use a knife, scraper, or drill to create a small well in the branch of a tree, and then fill the well with a mixture of nuts and seeds.

Free-Form DIY Squirrel Feeder

edkohler via flickr.com

Use your creativity to design a squirrel feeder with an abstract flair. Just attach a variety of boards, buckets, open-faced bird feeders, and a small platform to a tree trunk, pole, or even a wooden fence. Drill a few large screws through the platform so they poke up above the wood, and then push a dried corncob onto each screw. Fill the buckets and bird feeders with a variety of seeds and nuts.

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DIY Squirrel Restaurant


If you’re looking for a very simple woodworking project that’s a great way to introduce your kids to the fun of DIY carpentry, you’ll love the restaurant for squirrels found at Gray House Studio. This basic feeder provides your backyard friends with a couple of chairs pulled up close to a “table” sporting a dried corncob. No reservations required—squirrels can just leap right in for a nibble or two.

Train-Themed Squirrel Feeder


If you have a mason jar, a spare board or two, and some basic woodworking tools and skills, you can create this adorable train-themed squirrel feeder for the rodent who’s always dreamed of travel—or is just interested in a tasty meal. Kids especially will love watching squirrels board the train. You’ll find the complete project details at Instructables.

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Squirrel Picnic Table


Who wouldn’t smile at the sight of a squirrel perched at this DIY picnic table feeder—the project directions are on Instructables—busily munching on a lunch of dried corn. This is another excellent project for introducing kids to the fun of woodworking, as it doesn’t require much in the way of supplies or advanced skills.

Squirrel Windmill Feeder


Only the boldest, strongest, and most agile squirrels will triumph over your windmill feeder to gain a meal of dried corncobs, but you’ll get plenty of laughs from their attempts to win the prize. This DIY feeder from Instructables is a simple and inexpensive project, requiring only a few pieces of PVC pipe, basic fasteners, and a length of pressure-treated lumber to serve as a mounting pole.

Wine-Bottle Squirrel Feeder


Finally, a use for an old wine bottle that’s even more fun than drinking the wine! With a thoroughly washed and dried bottle, a few scraps of wood, and basic woodworking tools, you can create this sleekly contemporary DIY squirrel feeder. You’ll find the complete project directions on Instructables.

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Platform Squirrel Feeder

Tony Alter via flickr.com

Simple platform feeders attract many species of common backyard birds, including grosbeaks, sparrows, pigeons, jays, and cardinals, but there’s no reason you can’t set one up for your favorite furry backyard visitors as well. You can make a platform out of a scrap of wood and some wire, or buy one ready to hang, such as the Perky-Pet Hanging Tray (available on Amazon).

Woven Squirrel Hut


Add a little tropical flair to your backyard with a woven squirrel feeder. Create it by cutting a door in an old plastic jar and then winding twine around the jar until it’s completely covered. Top it with a small bundle of pine needles held in place with more twine, and then decorate the feeder, if desired, with a few small faux flowers or foliage.

Squirrel House Feeder


Any squirrel would love to dine in its very own home, complete with a patio and access ladder. If you’re a more advanced woodworker or hobbyist, you can create a tiny house yourself for your squirrel friends. If not, you can purchase this adorable squirrel house feeder, ready to hang from a tree or fence, on Etsy.

Video Game Squirrel Feeder


This one’s definitely for the DIYer with a little more skill and time to spare, but if you’re looking for a way to combine your love of 1980s nostalgia, squirrels, and woodworking, why not follow the detailed directions at Instructables to create this Pac-Man-themed feeder that will challenge the ingenuity, persistence, and agility of visiting squirrels to the utmost.