13 Terror-ific Yards All Decked Out for Halloween

With a little inspiration from these eerie exteriors, you'll strike terror into any who dare to venture up your walk this Halloween—all in good fun, of course!

  1. Accidental Tourist

    Halloween Ideas

    Someone wasn’t paying attention—and now this zombie’s bicycling days are over! Use broken bicycle parts, old clothes and shoes, and some strategically cut Styrofoam and wire to manufacture a humorous—albeit grisly—scene.


  2. Area 51 Revisited

    Halloween Alien

    Fend off your own “alien invasion” with an out-of-this-world terror tableau. Rectangular pieces of sheet metal are arranged in a circle around a plastic “bubble” to create the flying saucer; a commercially purchased plastic alien, crime scene tape, and evidence markers add verisimilitude to the presentation.


  3. Light Show

    Halloween Lights

    Who says festive lights are just for Christmas? This Halloween-scape illuminates the possibilities with well-placed lights that cast colorful yet eerie shadows against the tombstones and fence pickets that lead up to this home's front entry. The fact that the lights are CFLs turns some of the "scary" into "savings."


  4. Grim Ghoul

    Halloween Ghoul

    Eager trick-or-treaters will want to give this horrible handyman a wide berth on Halloween night. Simple grave markers made by nailing together rough yard stakes in cross shapes are flanked by commercially purchased tombstones. A fog machine and spotlight add eerie ambiance, while the ghoul himself holds up an old, battered lantern.


  5. Totally Grounded!

    Halloween Scarecrow

    You’ll never again have a disciplinary problem once the kids get a load of this tongue-in-cheek decorating idea. Grab some old clothing and shoes, place some wire or wood stakes inside to stiffen them, and stuff with old newspaper. A strategically placed shovel and hand-lettered sign leave no doubt as to your evil intentions….

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  6. Too Much Yard Work

    DIY Halloween

    A single, artfully placed display can instill just the right amount of fright. Fill your wheelbarrow with sand or dirt and arrange some dislocated skeletal remains on top. Propping a shovel nearby will keep visitors guessing whether the remains were just unearthed or set for burial.  

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  7. House of Spiders

    Halloween Spider

    An arachnophobe's worst nightmare! There's definitely something afoul in a house crawling with spiders. Pick up some giant spiders at your local craft store and then cast a wide net to cover the entire facade with the scary, clinging creatures. Be sure to set up a spotlight or two to show them off at night, when it counts the most!


  8. Spidery Senses

    Halloween Decor

    What’s scarier than a gigantic spider? A gigantic spider with a skull’s head, flanked by a beckoning ghoul! The main scene combines two store-bought pieces—a giant metal spider and a plastic skull with glowing, green, light-up eyes. Add a few more giant spiders and some faux spider webbing, and you’ve got a ghastly fright night!


  9. Pumpkins Aplenty

    Halloween Decorations

    Showcase your pumpkin-carving talents by displaying jack-o'-lanterns in abundance on the front porch and steps. While this house does feature a rather sinister gatekeeper, the faces peering out from behind the door look friendly enough—don't they?

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  10. Sinister Specter

    Halloween Skeleton

    Sometimes simple can be spine-tingling—case in point, this ghostly ghoul. Metal shepherd's hooks hold up plastic skeleton pieces swathed in yards of white cheesecloth and fake spiderwebs; hand-carved pumpkins and orange holiday lights complete the display.


  11. Don't Go There!

    Halloween Yard

    Leftover lumber and a few spooky decorations can make any house “haunted” in time for the big night. Tack a few old boards haphazardly onto the window frames, cover with faux spider webs, and add in some giant spiders, grim reapers, spectral visitors, and tombstones to make your yard the place NOT to be this Halloween.


  12. The Happy Couple

    Haunted House Props

    No sense wishing this bride and groom many happy returns. You can create something just as spooky in your own yard with some store-bought skeletons, a top hat, and cheesecloth. A smattering of tombstones and some light-up pumpkin garden stakes enhance the setting come nightfall.


  13. Willard's End

    Halloween Porch

    In this bizarre montage of gruesome scenes, a giant vampire cat grasps a huge rat in its fangs. Fake rats and faux spider webbing create a grisly backdrop, while an ominous skeleton with red lights for eyes keeps watch. Giant spiders and plastic skeleton pieces complete the look.


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