14 Reasons to Love Exposed Brick

Exposed brick brings texture, color, and a rustic vibe to interior spaces. The look, which is typically achieved by removing the plaster from a wall to reveal the underlying masonry, offers an artful and affordable solution for revitalizing empty walls, awkward alcoves, or boring backsplashes throughout the home. Brick by brick, these exemplary rooms showcase the rugged beauty—and sheer versatility—of the timeless material.

High Contrast

Exposed Brick Bathroom

Designed by The Ransom Company, this mixed-media bathroom blends modern and rustic design elements for an ambience that manages to be both homey and elegant. The playful herringbone floor tile and sophisticated marble-top vanity add textural variety to the all-white wainscoting, shower, and commode. But it's the unexpected presence of classic red exposed brick, complemented by sleek pendant lights, that dazzles the eye with laid-back charm.

The Ransom Company via Houzz

Blending In

Exposed Brick Backsplash

Even a material as bold as brick doesn't have to stick out like a sore thumb. For proof, look no further than this harmonious kitchen, masterfully brought to life by Tal Design. The softly weathered brick backsplash blends seamlessly with the copper-hued range hood, fully stocked wooden floating shelves, and butcher-block kitchen island, making a subtle statement in this high-traffic space.

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talgpdesign.com design: Tal Goldstein and Ayelet Mendelovich photo: Arnona Oren

Mesmerizing Color

Multi-Colored Exposed Brick

To lend a playful contrast to hardworking spaces, opt for multicolored brick instead of monochromatic brick that's color-matched to its surroundings. In this cozy kitchen designed by Herlong & Associates, a brick backsplash in complementary hues of white, brown, and gray serves as an eclectic counterpart to the wood floors, island, and chocolate-colored ceiling beams.


Industrial Meets Antique

Dark Exposed Brick

Industrial-style appliances and pendant lights, coupled with a sleek ebony countertop, lend drama to this high-ceilinged kitchen designed by SLC Interiors. Even so, it's the unabashed use of dark brick on the sky-high back wall that provides the perfect counterpoint to the ceiling flourishes and grand-scale Victorian-style painting.

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Whitewashed Whimsy

White Exposed Brick

While brick is best known for its ruddy complexion, the earthy material comes in more than one shade, and can be color-matched to practically any interior. In this dreamy bedroom visualized by Renew Urban, whitewashed brick, elegant off-white linens and cushions, and a warm gray area rug set a soothing color palette that's ideal for sleep or studying.


Beaming with Brick

Living Room Exposed Brick

Rough-hewn wooden beams and a variegated hardwood floor confer unpretentious elegance on this living room designed by Renew Urban. Uniting these rustic elements, the multicolored exposed brick adorning the back wall creates an intimate and inviting corner for relaxation.

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Nostalgic Nook

Red Brick Bathroom

Thanks to a lone red brick wall and textured floor, stepping into this small but statement-making bathroom is much like traipsing down a quaint cobblestone road of centuries past. Entranced by nostalgia, the owners of this 1800s home filled the space with clean colors and modern appliances while maintaining the original exposed brick on the back wall to give visitors a visual reminder of the historic home's past.


Fireside Flair

Exposed Brick Fireplace

The rustic radiance of this Brooklyn brownstone doesn't stop at the exterior, but rather stretches all the way into the kitchen. Here, a red brick wall, paired with an ornamental ivory fireplace and accented by country cabinetry, lend the big-city kitchen a warm and inviting look that's straight out of a farmhouse.

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Rustic Recess

Partially Exposed Brick Wall

An otherwise awkward corner in this home is turned into a piece of built-in art thanks to richly-colored exposed brick. Adorned with accents that include a wreath and decorative bowls, and illuminated by lights mounted on the ceiling beams, the delicious design gets an added boost of beauty.

Zillow Digs home in New Albany, OH

Split Personality

Exposed Brick Divider

A brick beam provides an elegant solution for tying together distinct spaces. In this eclectic home, brick installed above the island helps ease the transition from a contemporary kitchen with modern appliances to a rustic dining room with farmhouse furnishings.

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Zillow Digs home in Savannah, GA

Artisan’s Arch

Exposed Brick Ceiling

Exposed brick on the dramatic arched ceiling of this kitchen adds depth and distinction to the space, rivaling the view from the expansive windows. Brimming with regal accents, from carved walnut cabinetry to beveled glass, the kitchen serves up the perfect atmosphere for home cooks who prize fine craftsmanship.

Zillow Digs home in Bountiful, UT

Pillar of Style

Exposed Brick Pillar

Pristine white tile and a subtle gray floor and tub surround add a cool, contemporary sensibility to this tranquil bathroom. But at the far back of the modern space lies a rustic surprise. A lone pillar of exposed brick cuts the visual uniformity of the neutral bathroom, providing a punch of color and old-world warmth.

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Zillow Digs home in Larchmont, NY

Alternate Ambition

Old Brick Wall

Hanging cabinetry on an old brick wall is a simple way to showcase the timeless beauty of masonry. In this kitchen imagined by Josephine Design, contemporary white cabinetry is set against exposed brick to achieve a wow-worthy color scheme. The playful mishmash of materials extends to the ceilings, where wood beams are contrasted with pure white drywall to draw the eye upward.


Artful Accent Wall

Exposed Brick Accent Wall

A sprawling red brick wall becomes an accent rather than an overwhelming feature, thanks to the addition of white paint that creates the illusion of wainscoting. In this imaginative dining room designed by Landing Design, a prominently displayed chalkboard stands ready for the menu du jour, blending seamlessly with the rustic space.

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