15 Frugal Ways to Furnish Your Home at Home Depot

Everyone knows that The Home Depot is a one-stop shop for lumber, fixtures, painting supplies, and power tools, but did you also know that your favorite hardware store sells home decor? From ottomans to duvets, The Home Depot offers more than just the brass-tacks necessities for home improvement projects. Take a look to see some of the stunning and surprising items you can pick up in stores or have shipped directly to your front door.

  1. Take a Seat

    Take a Seat

    Whether your tastes tend toward modern, traditional, or eclectic, The Home Depot has something to fit your space. Pictured here are a blue dining room chair with midcentury flair, a contemporary take on an upholstered accent chair, and a beautifully carved armchair inspired by the handicrafts of northern India. Available at The Home Depot prices vary.

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  2. Dish Up

    Dish Up

    Dishes from The Home Depot? Yes, really! You'll find plates, cups, cocktail shakers, and carafes as well as this unique set of silverware with handles that look like hammered metal. These dishwasher-safe utensils are practical for everyday use but attractive enough for dinner parties and holiday meals. Available at The Home Depot; $39.97 for a 20-piece set.

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  3. In the Round

    In the Round

    Softer than a coffee table and more visually interesting than a love seat, an oversize ottoman is one of the most versatile pieces you can buy for the living room or bedroom. Whether you choose to use it as a surface to hold drinks and magazines or a seat to curl up on of a lazy Sunday morning, this tufted wonder will serve you well. Available at The Home Depot; $313.95.

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  4. Fuzzy Underfoot

    Fuzzy Underfoot

    A good rug should last for years, so you want to make sure you choose one that not only works for your space now, but will also continue to work even if you change the color of your walls next spring. A neutral choice like this gray rug from nuLOOM will work with many colors and styles, and at 9 x 12 feet it's a good size for the living room or den, or even a spacious bedroom. Available at The Home Depot; $301.61.

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  5. Tiny Table

    Tiny Table

    Inspired by the best in Danish midcentury furniture, this low coffee table offers both storage and style. The boxy construction conceals two flat-panel drawers that can hold remote controls, magazines, votives, or any other items you'd like close at hand but out of sight when not in use. Available at The Home Depot; $417.50.

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  6. Double Sleeper

    Double Sleeper

    If you need an extra bed for overnight visitors but don't have a dedicated guest room, a daybed is a practical piece of furniture that looks just fine in the family room or home office. During the day, it functions as a couch, while at night it converts into a comfortable twin bed. This daybed is doubly useful, thanks to a hidden trundle mattress that opens to fit another sleeper and closes snugly and securely when not in use. Add a few throw pillows and cover the top mattress in a textured blanket and it looks and functions like any other couch. Available at The Home Depot; $799.

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  7. Textured Throws

    Textured Throws

    A brightly colored throw pillow can add instant personality to a dull couch or monochromatic bedroom set. The woven texture on these pillows ensures that they won't fade into the background, while the wool and nylon construction is made to last. Available at The Home Depot; $42.97.

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  8. Wishbone Legs (and Light)

    Wishbone Legs (and Light)

    When is a lamp more than a lamp? When it makes an artistic statement in addition to illuminating a room! Such is the case with this wishbone-shaped wooden table lamp. The simple gray lampshade lets the unusual base take the spotlight. Available at The Home Depot; $271.

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  9. Mix and Match

    Mix and Match

    Three- and five-piece bedroom sets have fallen out of fashion with homeowners who prefer to mix and match their bed, dressers, and nightstands according to their needs and preferences. Whichever way you lean, this two-drawer nightstand is an appealing option. Buy two to frame your existing bed, or pair them with a new bed and matching dressers for a cohesive look. Available at The Home Depot; $75.38.

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  10. Cover Up

    Cover Up

    If you're resistant to buying a duvet cover at The Home Depot because you're afraid you'll find sawdust in your linens, fear not! These bed covers aren't sold in stores. They're ordered online and shipped to the customer service desk of your local store or to your private residence. No sweat, no sawdust! Available at The Home Depot; $242.49.

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  11. Flip-Top Furniture

    Flip-Top Furniture

    Keep it closed or flip it open—this cross-leg desk can be used in either position. When closed to conceal office clutter, it looks like an ordinary console table; when open it reveals a convenient corkboard to post to-do lists and notes of encouragement. Available at The Home Depot; $151.34.

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  12. Rolling Workhorse

    Rolling Workhorse

    No matter how big your kitchen, it seems you could always use more work space and storage. Get more of both by adding a rolling kitchen island. With room for wine bottles and glasses down below and prep space above, this piece might be the workhorse your kitchen has been waiting for. Available at The Home Depot; $899.

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  13. Open Bar

    Open Bar

    Similar to a rolling kitchen island, a bar cart gives you storage where you need it. But unlike a kitchen island, this compact piece of furniture is made for fun as much as function. Load up the cart with your favorite libations or sweets, then wheel your drink or dessert station into the dining room or park it in the living room corner when company calls. Available at The Home Depot; $224.99.

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  14. Country Class

    Country Class

    The industrial farmhouse style of this console table makes it a perfect pick for a masculine living room or a country chic entryway. Versatility isn't its only selling point: Deep drawers keep essentials tucked out of sight while a lower shelf can display the accent pieces you actually want people to see. Available at The Home Depot; $193.63.

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  15. Sit and Store

    Sit and Store

    Placed in the front entry, a comfortable storage bench provides a perch where you can put on your shoes before you go outside, and a concealed compartment where you can stash your scarves and gloves. But the same piece functions just as well in the bedroom, positioned at the foot of the bed. Wherever you choose to stow this double-duty piece of furniture, rest assured it will work twice as hard as an ordinary bench. Available at The Home Depot; $185.66.

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  16. One Stop Shop

    One Stop Shop

    The Big Orange really does has everything you need. 


  17. Don't Miss!


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