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18 Brilliant Ways to Decorate with Rope

‘Knot’ just for sailing fanatics or decorating summer beach houses anymore, rope has found its way into homes of every style.

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Rope-Suspended Bunkbeds

Bunk beds are a great way to save space, but leave little flexibility in room design. Using rope to hang bunk beds is not just a chic-looking solution—you can also easily fit more beds in a room, and still avoid feeling cramped, by hanging them at different heights. Head on over to TheBumperCrop for more information. 

Rope Napkin Rings

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A thinner piece of rope wrapped around a napkin is the perfect substitution for a more formal napkin ring. With a spool of rope from your local hardware store, simply cut and tie around the napkins! The result is a budget-friendly, bohemian accent for classy and casual tables alike.

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Rope Handrail

Traditional handrails, while useful, tend to look somewhat utilitarian. Give your stairs some personality by installing a rope handrail! Use a large, thick rope to ensure it is sturdy enough for use. If you’re interested in recreating this look in your own home, House and Home has a great and easy-to-follow tutorial.

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Rope-Suspended Shelves

Move your knick-knacks to a brand new home on this charming DIY shelf. It’s an easy project that can be completed in the span of an afternoon. If you’d like to know more, ScrapHacker has a great tutorial that even allows for multiple shelf tiers!

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Rope Drawer Knobs

Drawer knobs need no longer be dull! You can buy rope drawer knobs, or make them yourself by using thin rope and adhesive. 

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Rope Partition

Need to break up a large room? Open-floor plans provide a feeling of airiness, but sometimes partitioning is necessary. Retain a sense of openness with a rope room divider. 

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Rope Doorstop

Doors, like boats, often need to be anchored in place. So, do as the sailors do and use rope to your advantage. Make a great looking doorstop by coating a rock in adhesive then carefully wrapping rope around it. For a more detailed look, try weaving the rope around the rock!

Rope-Framed Mirror

Dress up a boring mirror by wrapping thick rope around the edges. It’ll be a vast stylistic improvement — and takes no time at all! 

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From beach house to country house, these rope spindles will turn an ordinary staircase into extraordinary. You can spend your life on the open seas with a simple update to your stairway!

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Rope Lamp Shade

Give your lamp new life by updating its lampshade with rope! Coat the outer part of the lampshade with adhesive and wrap with the twine of your choice. Let it sit for a few hours, and voila, a brand new lamp! 

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Rope Planter

The same method of wrapping rope can give a new look to a variety of objects in your home. This planter is just one of many possibilities! 

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Rope Chandelier

A wrought iron chandelier is softened by rope accents, giving a more relaxed feel to the whole of a room. Sophisticated, while still industrial, this light fixture will bring both class and country to your restoration-chic space.

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Rope Table Lamp

Following in the footsteps of several other projects featured in this slideshow, adhesive and rope were used to make this stylish lamp. More bohemian than nautical, this lamp is sure to be a favorite. 

Rope-Hung Mirror

For a sleek nautical look, use rope to hang a round mirror. It’s an easy way to add an accent to a room without overwhelming the decor!

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Rope End Tables

Cute and functional, these end tables are a great way to add rope to your decor, and they’re easier to make than they look! Take an older end table, or perhaps a cheaper plastic model, and —you guessed it — cover with adhesive before wrapping with rope! 

Dresser Pulls

Missing hardware is always an issue with antique finds. Forego the hardware headache and replace the handles with classic rope pulls. Just knot the rope at both ends — easy peasy!

Rope Bowl

Rope coil vessels are a great accent piece for any coffee table. The Red Thread has a tutorial if you’d like to learn how to make your own. Here’s a hint: it involves adhesive!

Dream Hammock

What better way to use rope than to make a hammock!? Adding a hammock to your backyard or porch instantly transforms it into a personal relaxation paradise. We can practically hear the waves lapping the shore already…

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