22 Unique Ways to Display Holiday Cards

By the time Christmas Eve rolls around, many mantels will be groaning under a flood of holiday greeting cards. Lighten the load by displaying cards in cheerful DIY arrangements this holiday season.

By Jennifer Noonan and Caitlin Castelaz | Updated Mar 11, 2019 03:37 PM

Clothespin Card Wreath

Clothespin Card Wreath

This simple clothespin wreath by the blogger at Houseful of Homemade is a wonderful alternative to the traditional evergreen variety. Decorate some clothespins, fix them to a geometric wood frame, and you are in business.

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Pom Poms

Pom Pons

Here, pom pom garlands by bloggers Alice & Lois hang from a wall to display cards with bursts of cheer. Slip clothespins over the top of cards and clip to the garland for a festive way to show off this year's season's greetings.

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Chicken Wire

Chicken Wire

Clever and country chic, this chicken wire holiday card holder from Lolly Jane comes together in a snap. Stretch wire over a wood frame, then proudly display mail from your friends and family.

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Wire and Wood

Wire and Wood

Another take on the wire and wood holiday card display board, this version from Our Handcrafted Life is just as nice. Hang it on the wall or prop it on the mantel for a little cheer wherever you need it.


Door Garland

Door Garland

Let holiday cards welcome you home with an evergreen garland in the doorway, as seen here from Nine and Sixteen Home. Pin cards to branches using clothespins, and add decorative flair such as tinsel or ornaments to boost the holiday spirit.

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Plywood and Dowels

Plywood and Dowels

Break out the wood glue to recreate this DIY holiday card display board from The Merrythought. Cut wood dowels to size, then glue them to a plywood board to serve as a perch for your holiday mail.

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Scrap Wood

Scrap Wood

'Tis the season to receive snail mail! Tack this year's collection on your own pine board Christmas card holder, fashioned after this simple yet genius idea from The Happy Scraps


Rustic Windows

Rustic Windows

Rustic windows provide a wonderful background for holiday cheer. Take a cue from the blogger at The Lily Pad Cottage and string lengths of twine across a set of antique windows, then hang Christmas cards from friends and family, or the latest snaps from your holiday photo shoot. 

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Mousetrap Christmas Tree

Mousetrap Christmas Tree

Who would've thought to look in the pest removal aisle for the supplies to make a DIY Christmas card display? Well, the blogger at Fynes Designs wins serious points for creativity for painting mousetraps, removing a key piece of hardware (for safety), and using the little devices as card holders. How inventive!

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Repurposed Book

Repurposed Book

A book with a missing cover doesn't need to be relegated to the dustheap. This clever blogger opened a tattered book, then folded each of the pages inward to form a card holder reminiscent of a rolodex. 

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Wooden Post

Wooden Post

An old house post gets a holiday makeover with a bit of natural ribbon and evergreen boughs. The blogger at Deeply Southern Home then twirled twine around the column, and hung her Christmas cards from the string for a handsome display.


Distressed Wood

Distressed Wood

Reminiscent of barn wood or an old picket fence, the base of this DIY Christmas card display is actually made from new furring strips that have been painted and distressed with sand paper. The creators at Shanty 2 Chic then wrapped the entire thing with twine and hung holiday accents and cards to best advantage.

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String Lights

String Lights

Rather than taking the conventional approach and clearing the mantel to make room for holiday cards, why not hang them at a short remove—the front of the mantel. Wire, ribbon or twine can be strung over the fireplace, or you can do as the blogger at Yellow Bliss Road did and use a string of twinkly snowflake lights. Then all you need to do is add your own cards.

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Burlap Ribbons

Burlap Ribbons

How many holiday cards do you receive each year? Cut a length of ribbon—or several lengths of ribbon—long enough to accommodate the cheerful contents of your mailbox. For inspiration on how to hang and decorate your DIY Christmas card holder, read Blooming Homestead's tutorial for Capturing Joy.

Blooming Homestead for Capturing Joy

Framed Mirror

Framed Mirror

An everyday mirror that sits over the fireplace or in the foyer can be instantly transformed into a festive holiday card display with one simple addition. Hang a homemade garland of jingle bells, inspired by Bren Did's clever project, over the mirror, then clip cards directly to the string.

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Ladder Card Holder

Ladder Card Holder

If you're like many folks, you probably have a spare ladder languishing in the garage, or even a decorative one you just can't decide how to use, as was the case for the blogger at A Night Owl Blog. Give yours a seasonal treatment by wrapping it in colored string or ribbon. Clip cards to the strings for a vertical decorative display.

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Branch and Card Arrangement

Branch and Card Arrangement

An arrangement of twigs can be evocative of the Christmas season—and there are many ways to take inspiration from nature. The blogger at Beyond the Picket Fence offers one approach with this Christmas-tree shaped card display. Each rung of the wall hanging is made from a slender tree branch, and hung with photo cards. So simple yet so elegant.

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Repurposed Window Panes

Repurposed Window Panes

A vintage window from your most recent remodel or the local flea market might come in handy this holiday season. Turn yours into a rustic frame for your holiday cards, by following this tutorial from A House and A Dog for A Blissful Nest.

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A House and A Dog for A Blissful Nest

Door Ribbons

Door Ribbons

Follow the lead of the blogger at Thrifty Decor Chick, and adorn your door with holiday cards. All you need is two lengths of decorative ribbon on which to attach them. You can do the same thing on a kitchen cabinet, a column, or newel post.

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Unused Skis

Unused Skis

Just because you're not hitting the slopes this year, doesn't mean those skis won't come in handy. The blogger at Sweet C's proves how useful a pair of colorful skis can be, when they're fashioned into a DIY holiday card display.


Trimming the Tree

DIY Christmas Card Holder Twine on the Wall

If your family's favorite time of year is the day they get to decorate the tree, keep the fun going all season long as cards from friends and family pour it. Follow the lead of the blogger at Design Improvised and fix twine to the wall with decorative clips. Then tape or pin cards to the twine to create a dynamic display.


Growing Tall

Tomato Cage Christmas Card Display

A tiny tree—real or artificial—is a charming place to display your collection of holiday cards. Create your own with a garland and an old tomato cage, as did the blogger at Joy's Life. Cover all the wire with greenery to complete the illusion, then decorate with ribbons, ornaments, or just the most colorful season's greetings.


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