6 Tools No DIYer Should Be Without This Spring

We’re entering the season of DIY and “to-do”—and that means it's finally time to get to that list of around-the-house projects you’ve put off all winter. Whether the game plan involves outdoor spring cleanup or, now that you can at last throw open the windows, refreshing your home’s interior, all handy homeowners rely on the same starting lineup: the tools. But take heart! A host of clever and innovative gadgets from Hyde Tools stand at the ready to help make your projects as painless, efficient, and satisfying as possible. Click through for some of our favorites that will help you make the most of your spring fix-ups.

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  1. Stiff Wire Stripping Brush with Scraper

    Stiff Wire Stripping Brush with Scraper

    Constant exposure to temperature extremes—not to mention rain, snow, sleet, and ice—can cause your fencing's lustrous metal hinges, latches, and brackets to lose their shine over time. Fortunately, with the right tool and a little elbow grease, you can restore sheen and function to your rusted hardware fast. This stripping tool's thin-profile brush slides into tight spots, and its 1-1/4-inch bristles breeze through jobs where you need a little extra reach. Whatever stubborn rust remains will have to answer to the tool’s carbon steel scraper. Available from HYDE; $3.97


  2. Wallpaper Scoring Tool

    Wallpaper Scoring Tool

    If your wallpaper hasn’t been replaced since Jimmy Carter was in the White House, your walls may not exactly reflect your style (or even your era). Fortunately, the laborious scraping and sanding once required in wallpaper removal are things of the past. The 96 stainless steel teeth on this scoring tool simplify the job by perforating wallpaper with shallow cuts. Once the paper has been scored, you can apply either liquid wallpaper remover or steam to easily loosen the old adhesive—all without any damage to the wall. Available from HYDE; $12.97


  3. 4-Inch Glass Scraper

    4-Inch Glass Scraper

    Even the most meticulous painter sometimes splashes a fleck of color onto a windowpane in the course of an overzealous paint job. But HYDE's 4-inch glass scraper can save a little blunder like that from compromising the clean look of your freshly painted windows. The scraper helps you carefully remove paint (as well as sticker residue) from windowpanes, mirrors, or car windshields, leveraging its angled metal frame to clear away those really stubborn spots. Available from HYDE; $4.72


  4. HYDE PivotPro Water Wand for Outdoor Cleaning

    HYDE PivotPro Water Wand for Outdoor Cleaning

    As temperatures warm up and sunshine beckons, the whole gang will be eager to gather on the deck or patio to bask in the glow of spring—well, at least once the “patina” of mildew accrued over the winter gets washed away. The HYDE PivotPro makes short work of outdoor dirt, grime, mold, and mildew all around your house, from the siding to your outdoor furniture. Just twist the wand onto any old garden hose, fill its liquid soap dispenser, and turn on the water to suds up your outdoor space. Its pivoting nozzle makes cleaning a breeze by directing the spray under, around, and over virtually anything in need of some spring renewal. Available from HYDE; $49.99


  5. 17-in-1 Painter's Tool

    17-in-1 Painter's Tool

    Maybe your home's exterior clapboard looks worn after winter, or perhaps your interior walls could use some TLC?Whatever painting project awaits you, if you're armed with this multitool you won’t have to lug around a heavy assortment of paraphernalia to complete the refresh. The HYDE 17-in-1 Painter's Tool has no shortage of skills—it scrapes paint, spreads joint compound, opens cracks, pulls and sets nails, cleans regular and mini rollers, screws and unscrews just about anything, and more. It even pops opens bottles for a celebratory beverage after all your hard work is done! Now that's handy. Available from HYDE; $11.99


  6. Hammer Scraper

    Hammer Scraper

    'Tis the season for new fashion underfoot—and we don't just mean it's time to break out the sandals. No, now's the time to say goodbye to worn-out and outdated flooring! The HYDE hammer scraper takes some of the backbreaking labor out of replacing tile, linoleum, paint, or other floor coverings or coatings. Its foam-padded handle and rubber grip offer comfort and protection for your hands. Plus, a reversible blade means you get twice the working time before it needs resharpening. Available from HYDE; $31.59


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