7 Electronics You Need to Get the Most Out of Game Day

Browse top-rated home theater room accessories to make your game day a blowout.

Our Favorite Electronics

home theater room accessories

It's 2013—why watch the big game on a tiny, aging TV set? With the Superbowl around the corner, now is a great time to get the TV you've always dreamed of. And with a little help from the experts at CNET, we've pulled together the best accessories to enhance your game-watching experience.


Best Plasma Screen

home theater room accessories plasma tv

Plasma or LED? The choice depends on your viewing preferences. Plasma screens aren't as bright, but they have darker blacks, a better contrast ratio, and can be viewed at an angle. The best plasma screen you can buy is the Panasonic TC-PVT50 series; it boasts the highest picture quality, most accurate colors, and truest blacks on the market. 


Best LED

home theater room accessories led tv

LED screens have earned bragging rights for their energy efficiency, and while critics sometimes jab their performance, the Sharp Elite PRO-X5FD produces deeper blacks than any other LCD/LED option or comparable plasma. You have to pay for this level of picture quality and 3D capability, however, with prices ranging from $4,500 to $5,500. 


Best Premium Football Channel

home theater room accessories premium channel

Premium channels bring a commercial-free football immersion experience to your living room. The NFL Network's Redzone channel, on Sundays only, continuously toggles between the most exciting parts of every game currently being played, making sure you don't miss that game-changing TD no matter what team you're rooting for.


Best Sound System

home theater room accessories sound system

Don't shell out for a state-of-the-art TV, only to ignore your options in audio! If you really want to feel like you're on the field, invest in a surround sound system. Starting at $399, the Energy Take Classic 5.1 delivers some of the highest-quality sound on the market for a far more reasonable price than competitors.


Best Sound Bar

home theater room accessories sound bar

If you don't have the room for a full surround sound system, that's no excuse to settle for mediocre sound. Consider a space-saving sound bar, like the Haier SBEV40-Slim Sound Bar and Subwoofer, which produces surprisingly good sound while taking up minimal space.


Best Blu-Ray Player

home theater room accessories blu-ray

After the game, the best way to experience the full depth of your new TV's 1080p resolution is with a Blu-Ray player. With high-definition becoming more commonplace, it may be time to take the Blu-Ray plunge. Many models, including the attractively priced Panasonic DMP-BDT220 , offer WiFi and media-streaming capabilities. 


Best Gaming Consoles

home theater room accessories gaming consoles

It may be a moot point for many readers, but it seems important to stress the myriad features, apart from gaming, available on PS3 and XBox 360. Both are media streamers, delivering Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming channels to your TV. The PS3 can also double as a Blu-Ray player.


Best Media Streamer

home theater room accessories media streamer

Fine. You don't want a Blu-Ray player, XBox, or PS3, but you still want a media-streaming device. The super affordable Roku may be what you're looking for. At $59, it offers most channels you'd need, from Amazon to Netflix. Youtube is conspicuously missing from its menu, but Roku is still the best-value media streamer out there.


Best Universal Remote

home theater room accessories universal remote

The best way to handle your new gear is with a universal remote. The sleek, PC-programmable, user-friendly Logitech Harmony 900 makes confusing universal remotes a thing of the past.


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