7 Essential Wallpaper Tools Under $20

Now more than ever, homeowners are embracing wallpaper as a renovation-free method of transforming a room. Not least among its virtues is that, unlike some other home improvements, wallpapering requires very few tools, and none are cost-prohibitive to own. Get to know the tools of the trade.

  1. The Art of Wallpaper

    The Art of Wallpaper

    There's an art to wallpapering, and it can take years for a professional to perfect his technique. That said, thanks to newer and better materials, even the average do-it-yourselfer can now achieve satisfying results with wallpaper. Patience remains paramount—for pros and beginners alike. But equally important is to arm yourself with high-quality tools. You don't need an arsenal, only the essentials. Click through to find out what you don't want to do without.


  2. Wallcovering Knife

    Wallcovering Knife

    With its generously sized, built-to-last hardwood handle, the HYDE Wallcovering Knife affords both the leverage and control needed to trim wallpaper, evenly and accurately, on or off the wall. The single razor blade, held by a rust-resistant metal frame, swaps out safely and easily, without requiring additional tools. Purchase from HYDE, $3.40


  3. Wallcovering Tray

    Wallcovering Tray

    This portable Wallcovering Tray serves one of two purposes. If you’re not using it to soak (and thereby activate) pre-pasted wallpaper, then it also works great to hold the ready-to-hang paper you haven’t applied yet. For a streamlined prep process, get two of these heavy-duty standbys and waste neither time nor effort. Purchase from HYDE, $4.62


  4. Hardwood Roller

    Hardwood Roller

    For a better, longer-lasting hold and a more appealing, pro-quality look, use the Hardwood Roller to secure and seal the seams between neighboring sheets of wallpaper. Without leaving any telltale tracks in its wake, the hardwood-and-steel tool eliminates unwanted gaps and curling with its smooth-rolling action. Purchase from HYDE, $6.36


  5. Smoothing Brush

    Smoothing Brush

    When hanging your wallpaper, eliminate bubbles and wrinkles—ensuring a strong, polished bond in the process—by means of a Nylon Smoothing Brush. Ergonomically designed, with a hardwood handle contoured to fit comfortably in your hand, the foot-wide bristled helper requires only minimal pressure to be effective. Purchase from HYDE, $3.12


  6. Wallpaper Scoring Tool

    Wallpaper Scoring Tool

    Removing wallpaper can be a time-consuming task, but the right equipment hastens the process to a considerable degree. With stainless steel teeth, a Scoring Tool perforates hung wallpaper, allowing liquid removal solution to penetrate and loosen even stubborn adhesive—without damaging the underlying wall. Purchase from HYDE, $12.97


  7. Wallpaper Shaver

    Wallpaper Shaver

    What wallpaper remover leaves behind, the Wallpaper Shaver eliminates for good. Its wide, specially angled, razor-sharp blade scrapes away wallpaper and paste residue, while the cushioned grip maximizes comfort and ease. Word to the wise: The tool also comes in handy for taking paint or adhesive off glass surfaces. Purchase from HYDE,; $11.09


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