7 Tools with Hidden Talents

You’ve got your toolbox organized and know just what to grab when you’ve got a job to do. But wouldn’t it be great if your go-to hand tools had other uses that made them even handier? The best tools are ones that come packed with extra utility that lasts well beyond the end of the current DIY job. We asked the folks at HYDE—who specialize in ingenious devices that tackle more than just one task—to share some of their tools’ hidden talents. Read on and add to your arsenal of multipurpose must-haves that will help you hack a host of chores.

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  1. Painter's Assistant

    Painter's Assistant

    You’re never alone on a painting project if you have this little wonder at your side. The tool functions like an extra pair of hands. It’s a carrying handle for containers, a can hook for your ladder, and a brush clip that attaches to your roller tray. Well, it’s equally indispensable off the job site too! Take it with you whenever you're heading out for supplies. From the hardware store to the garden center to the burger joint, the Painter’s Assistant will comfortably hold all those plastic shopping bags that would otherwise cut into your fingers. Available at Home Depot; $5.95.


  2. Dual-Blade Carbide Scraper

    Dual-Blade Carbide Scraper

    Thanks to a revolutionary reversible head with two blades—one for general scraping, the other for tight spaces—the Dual- Blade Carbide Scraper streamlines the task of removing old paint. But it can just as easily fix up defects like forgotten screws and nails in a fresh paint job. Simply use the blade to carefully unearth the metal head for easy removal and patching. Spot a popped nail instead? Flip the tool in your hand, and use the nifty Hammer Head® end to reset the nail in a few fast taps. Available at HydeStore.com; $39.99.


  3. Three-Inch SuperFlexx Joint Knife

    Three-Inch SuperFlexx Joint Knife

    Spread the news! The stainless steel blade you depend on to smoothly spread joint compound and putty is also perfect for making short work of unwanted wallpaper. Its extra flexibility lets you easily slip under all kinds of wall covering, while its three-inch width is ideal for tight spots—like between the door casing and a corner—that would stymie a larger scraper. Just be sure to loosen the paper with removal solution first so you don’t nick the drywall beneath. Available at HydeStore.com; $7.60.


  4. Four-Inch Glass Scraper

    Four-Inch Glass Scraper

    So, that windshield design or logo no longer suits your style? Reach for your Four-Inch Glass Scraper. That very same tool you use to remove dried paint from windows or mirrors is the solution to this literally sticky wicket! Its secure, comfortable handle and quick-change blade-replacing feature will enable you to safely lose that sticker or decal in no time! Available at HydeStore.com; $4.72.


  5. PivotPro™ Outdoor Cleaning Water Wand

    PivotPro™ Outdoor Cleaning Water Wand

    Faced with a dirty deck, window, fence, driveway—you name it—you immediately reach for your PivotPro Outdoor Cleaning Water Wand. It attaches to a standard garden hose and, with its stiff brush as well as a mixing reservoir for liquid soap, it powers through washing and rinsing lickety-split. But this PivotPro's reach isn't only indispensable for exterior cleanup. Push the brush out of the way, and that pivoting nozzle lets you direct water right where you want it, like your thirsty hanging plants. Available at HydeStore.com; $47.99.


  6. 18mm Snap-Off Utility Knife with Screw Lock

    18mm Snap-Off Utility Knife with Screw Lock

    Admit it: When it comes to painting, you’re a neat freak, and nothing bugs you more than taking off the painter’s tape from a freshly coated surface only to be left with fuzzy lines. Fortunately, your Snap-Off Utility Knife is not just for tough stuff like cutting drywall, splitting wood shims, and slicing vinyl tile. Use it to gently score along the edge of painter’s tape to prevent any dried paint from peeling away upon removal, ensuring the crispest, cleanest lines you’ve ever seen! Available at HydeStore.com; $5.10.


  7. 17-in-1 Painter’s Tool

    17-in-1 Painter’s Tool

    Phew! You’ve just finished a project where you relied on your 17-in-1 Painter’s Tool for everything from scraping and patching to pulling nails and even cleaning your rollers. So, you hit the cooler to celebrate only to find that you left the bottle opener in the kitchen. Fret not, deserving DIYer! Just grab your multi-tool again to make use of its 17th talent: cracking open that brewski. Ahhh... Available at HydeStore.com; $16.49.


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