8 Budget Buys for Your Best-Ever Fall Porch

Half the fun of welcoming fall is decorating your home in rich, seasonal colors—and there's no better place to showcase your creativity than on your own front porch. Here, we've collected some of our favorite ideas for fall curb appeal you can buy and install to give your home a quick dose of autumnal charm.

  1. Timeless Tartan

    Tartan Blanket

    Of all the sights that signal the coming of the fall season, perhaps none is as convincing or evocative as that of timeless tartan. Made of machine-washable acrylic, the easy-care Windsor Throw Blanket boasts an always-in-style pattern, rendered in a palette of warm, earthy colors that look right at home indoors and out. Rest assured that the Windsor blanket doesn't merely look the part; it also boasts soft-to-the-touch coziness, thanks to a manufacturing process that makes the relatively low-cost accessory feel more like luxe cashmere. Available at Overstock; $39.99.

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  2. Historical Kick

    Wrought Iron Boot Scraper

    In the old days, when dirt roads were a rough mix of mud and horse manure, boot scrapers were all but ubiquitous. Today, people typically rely on nothing more than a doormat. But in challenging climates, especially if you're accustomed to returning home with dirt caked on your shoes, you may want to reconsider your approach. Boot scrapers are available in all sizes, shapes, and constructions, but the Wrought Iron Powder-Coated Boot Scraper from Plow & Hearth offers perhaps the most convincing take on the original. Available at Plow & Hearth; $34.95.

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  3. Flaunt Your Foliage

    Fall Planter Box

    During the summer and spring, our front porches abound with flowers and greenery but when temperatures dip, nature's beauty begins to fade. Why not revive your curb appeal with this handmade house number sign? It features an attached planter box—perfect for displaying colorful leaves, twigs, pinecones, and other autumnal items—and since each sign is made to order, you can choose a look and finish that's just right for your home. Available on Etsy; $55. 

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  4. A Seasonal Sign

    Fall Porch Sign

    This season, give a nod to the quintessential culinary treats of fall (apples, cider, and pumpkins!) with a decorative sign from Target. The welcoming color palette captures the warmth of the season, while the rustic wood grain makes a striking impact against every front door. What’s more, the deliciously tempting message may inspire your own home cook to bake a batch of fall treats! Available at Target; $5.

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  5. Pining for Fall

    SPI Home 32725 Triple Pinecone Wind Chime

    The comforting sounds of fall include the rustling of dried leaves, the crackling of a fire on a crisp, cool night, and the jingling of this trio of cast-iron pine cones. This sculptural wind chime is a perfect accent to hang from the ceiling of your front porch. Festive enough for autumn but charming enough for all-season use, you'll want to keep them up long after the last leaves fall. Available on Amazon; $66.

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  6. Reinventing the Wheel

    Koehler Decorative Wagon Planter

    Way back when, wagons were one of the best ways to travel. Set on a wooden tricycle complete with three wagon wheels, this whimsical planter from Koehler is a tribute to that simpler time. Small details like black metal banding and rustic finish add an authentic touch, and make it the perfect way to display bright fall blooms. Available on Amazon; $49.66. 

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  7. Whole Grain Wreath

    Harvest Grains Wreath

    Evergreen wreaths may reign supreme in winter months, but in fall it's all about showcasing the harvest's bounty. Wreaths made from apples, pumpkins, and acorns are all popular at this time of year but few things can match the simple beauty of an arrangement of colorful grains. Although this wreath is recommended for indoor use, it can be safely and easily hung on a front door, when protected by a clear glass storm door. Available at Wayfair; $35.99.

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  8. Leaves Underfoot

    Fall Leaf Welcome Mat

    Greet guests and family members at the door with a cheerful sign of the season. This fall-inspired welcome mat lets you leave behind dust and dirt, while brightening your front door. Best of all, this colorful accent works well indoors and out. Available at Plow & Hearth; $39.95

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  9. Picture Perfect

    Picture Perfect

    Who doesn't love to decorate on a dime? You'll porch will be pretty as a picture with these buys. 


  10. Don't Miss!


    Even if you've got your heart set on hardwood flooring, it's worth considering the alternatives. Sometimes, materials that only look like wood can be just as good as—or even better than—the real thing. Explore your options now!