8 Inspiring Ideas for an Artificial Turf Landscape

Add dimension, a pop of color, and plenty of style with a faux grass landscape.
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Have the Best Yard on the Block

artificial grass landscaping ideas

Maintaining real grass around the exterior of the house can be a headache. Lawns require a lot of water, mowing, fertilizer, and pesticides—all of which takes time, patience, and money. Artificial turf is an eco-friendly alternative that offers an always-green upgrade to a variety of outdoor spaces. There is no limit to how you can use artificial turf in your landscape design. Whether you have a big backyard, tiny balcony, or something in between, Artificial Turf Supply, a wholesale artificial turf and synthetic turf supplier, has done it all! Discover some of the stunning ways the brand uses artificial grass to improve households’ outdoor living spaces and curb appeal.

Artificial Turf Supply

Achieve a Sprawling Lawn

artificial grass front yard

Artificial turf is a great solution for small and big spaces alike. Create unmatched curb appeal by donning a large front yard with artificial grass. It takes the time, money, and frustration out of trying to keep a real lawn up to par. Plus, it never has to be watered, making for an eco-friendly upgrade that also saves money on your water bill. With your lawn mower in retirement, you get to reclaim your weekends.

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Pair it with the Patio

artificial turf around fire pit

A great backyard is a place that can be enjoyed all day long, from playing Wiffle ball in the afternoon to roasting marshmallows at night. The clients for this Artificial Turf Supply project installed a gorgeous back patio complete with a gas fire pit, which they complemented with vibrant turf. The grassy surrounding softens the hardscape and helps create an overall inviting space.

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Make it Modern

Backyard with pavers and artificial grass

A simple square backyard is transformed into a modern space thanks to a creative landscape design plan that incorporates gorgeous dimension. The artificial turf serves as the focal point with the surrounding features providing contrasting textures and colors. The concrete pavers, tall evergreen shrubs, stone patio, and cream-colored fence create a sleek outline that makes the green lawn the star of the yard.

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Do Up Your Rooftop

balcony with artificial grass

Don’t overlook the rooftop when it comes to decorating! Artificial Turf Supply transformed this urban exterior into the ultimate entertainment zone. The setup features a dining area and daybeds atop faux grass, perfect for formal or laid-back hangouts. This city spot is ready for its own garden party.

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Create a Pool Paradise

artificial grass around pool

This outdoor environment offers a little bit of everything. Artificial grass around the pool allows for barefoot comfort, so the homeowners and guests can skip stepping on hot concrete zones. After a refreshing dip, the artificial grass provides safety for wet feet, as well. There’s no worry about slippery surfaces, and if someone does happen to take a tumble, the faux turf offers a soft cushion.

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Bring Some Green to Your City Scene

artificial grass on deck

Artificial Turf Supply helps clients achieve their goals no matter the setting. For this innovative design, turf turns an apartment deck into an outdoor oasis. It provides a touch of greenery that is typically lacking in busy cities, and no one has to worry about turning on the sprinklers. Fresh air and outdoor entertainment can be achieved in high rise settings too!

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Get Creative with Concrete

artificial grass with concrete pavers

A bocce ball court in the backyard is sure to bring company over to the house! Create a stylish look by accenting the gravel court with some vibrant artificial turf. The fake grass will ground the space with its natural look, while the concrete pavers provide some modern flair.

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Amp Up the Curb Appeal

artificial grass driveway

A little goes a long way in this project from Artificial Turf Supply. A driveway is turned into a luxurious display by installing grass between pavers. The pops of green add vibrancy amid layers of neutral hues. 

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Find More Inspiration on Pinterest

artificial turf supply pinterest

Inspired to upgrade your yard with artificial grass? Take a peek at Artificial Turf Supply’s Pinterest page for even more examples of how you can transform your exterior space. Whether it’s a putting green in the backyard or faux turf to fill in bare spots, the possibilities are endless.

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