8 Kitchen Gadgets that Help Get Dinner Ready in Under an Hour

After a long day of work and running errands the last thing anyone wants to think about is having to cook dinner. While some home chefs have the foresight to plan and prep meals ahead of schedule, not everyone has that kind of time. However with the right kitchen tools on hand, it's quite simple to whip up a delicious meal for the whole family in no time. Check out nine such tools that can add function and efficiency to your kitchen, and help you get dinner on the table—pronto!

Garlic Press

garlic press kitchen tools

Save yourself from the hassle of hand-peeling and mincing garlic. Fumbling with those cumbersome cloves takes time that could be put to better use, and dirties knives and cutting boards. Switch to a garlic press like this one from Zyliss, and you can simply slip a whole, unpeeled clove into the slot and press down for minced garlic. Available on Amazon ; $15.49.


Herb Scissors

Herb Scissors

It takes a lot of time to mince chives, parsley, basil and other herbs into fine strips for cooking or garnish. Instead of spending your time with a knife and a cutting board, grab these herb scissors and snip right over the sauce pan or the plated dish for extra flavor—fast. Available on Amazon; $14.87.

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microplane grater

In a rush to get dinner on the table, you might try to bypass the smaller details, like adding a garnish of lemon zest or grated cheese—but it's often those touches that add flavor and appeal to the meal. With a microplane grater, like this top-selling model available on Amazon, you can you quickly and comfortably grate citrus, cheese, and whole spices. There's no need to skimp on flavor when cooking a quick meal. Available on Amazon; $12.89.




Dinner prep lags when you use flimsy tools. For instance, with the wrong tools, peeling veggies goes from a quick step to a laborious task that can cause cramps to your hand and wrist. A y-peeler, like this version from OXO Good Grips, available on Amazon, is a must-have for home chefs. It’s comfortable to hold and can be used to peel all different shapes and sizes of food, making your job easier and quicker than ever. Available on Amazon; $8.99.

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ninja express chop food chopper

Say goodbye to tedious slicing, dicing, and chopping when you pop your ingredients into the Ninja Food Express Chop and get the job done almost instantaneously. The petite countertop appliance can handle mincing, dicing, chopping, blending, pureeing, and pulsing a range of ingredients. You can make a homemade sauce or dressing and still have dinner done within an hour. Available on Amazon; $19.99.


Veggie Steamer

microwave veggie steamer

It seems like the quickest meals to make (or, let’s be honest, order at the take-out window) are the unhealthiest, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice nutrients for convenience. With this microwave steamer available at Target, you can zap your veggies for a quick and healthy meal. Available at Target; $6.99.

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Citrus Juicer

citrus juicer

Squeezing all of the juice out of a lemon could be your arm exercise for the day if you're relying on a traditional countertop citrus juicer to do the job. Of course, you could upgrade your citrus juicer to this one available at Target, to quickly and efficiently extract all the juice. The tool is easy to grip and drains a half of lemon in a matter of seconds. Available at Target; $17.99.

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Instant Pot

Instant Pot

Any list of time-saving kitchen gadgets would be incomplete without mention of the Instant Pot. If you haven’t heard by now, this 7-in-1 super appliance can take on virtually any recipe and, when programmed to the pressure cooking setting, can speed up cook time by 2–6 times. Whether you want to make rice, soup, or braised meats, you can do it all with this countertop appliance to create an entire meal in less than an hour. Available at Target; $79.99.


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