DIY Tools

8 “Must Have” Tools for Home Improvement

Owning and maintaining a house can feel like a full time job—but it's certainly a rewarding one. DIY jobs like hanging drywall, painting the walls, or removing rust will keep your house in good shape, not to mention save you money on a contractor. Any home improvement job is made easier with the right tools. With that in mind, we pulled together a list of eight affordable, must have tools that will make common household tasks simpler than ever.

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17-in-1 Painter's Multi-Tool

The power of a great multi-tool is undeniable: Rather than reaching for a handful of tools to help you complete a single home improvement project, you can reach for one. This painter’s multi-tool by Hyde Tools allows you to scrape paint, spread putty, pull nails, drive screws, clean regular and mini paint rollers, and crack open a refreshing drink once the work is finished. Available from HYDE at Amazon; $14.74.

Painter's Pyramid

Here’s a tool that helps shave valuable time off your next painting project. Set your work atop the non-stick points of these yellow pyramids. This will elevate your painting surface, allowing you to flip the work before it’s completely dry. Once you flip, paint the other side and you’re done without the mess or wasted time. Available from HYDE at Lowe’s; $4.97.

Professional Caulk Gun

The seams along sinks, bathtubs, windows, and doors should be recaulked occasionally to ensure a watertight bond. After removing old, cracking caulk, use a caulk gun like this one to apply a thin bead of silicone to the seam. This tool is definitely a must for any weekend warrior. Available from HYDE; $7.87.

Paint Can Pour & Roll Spout

One of the most common painting mistakes? Paint drips, of course. Not only can paint mar hardwood floors or hardware, but it can gunk up a paint can making proper storage a nightmare. With a tool like this roller grid, you save paint that would normally be wasted in a roller tray and keep the lip of your paint can clear for a proper seal. Available from HYDE; $1.88.

Dust-Free Drywall Vacuum Sander

The messiest part of any remodel or home addition might just be the drywall. Though it’s relatively simple to hang, drywall sanding throws dust and debris all over your home, leaving you to tidy up long after the job is done. However, a shop vac attachment kit like this one will allow you to sand and eliminate dust at the same time, reducing mess and clean up time. Available from HYDE at The Home Depot; $24.97.

Joint Knife

There are few home improvement tasks that offer as much satisfaction as hanging your own drywall. Not only does it save money to DIY, but it offers a sense of pride in one’s home that’s hard to beat. To do the job effectively, you’ll need a joint knife like this one to cover the seams between drywall boards. The wide tool is perfect for spreading compound in less time and with less effort. Available from HYDE; $9.53.

Caulk Away Pro

Stained and chipping caulk ages bathrooms and kitchens; that’s when it’s a good idea to replace it. The process of removing caulk is simple with the right tools, like the Caulk-Away Pro, which reaches between the channel to grab old and crumbling caulk. Available from HYDE at Grainger; $15.13.

MaxxGrip Pro Wire Brush

Removing rust from wrought iron fixtures or metal patio furniture is a snap with the right tools. If the rust is substantial, be sure to use a ergonomic tool like the MaxxGrip Pro wire brush. The handle’s comfortable grip makes any job more manageable, no matter the scope. Available from HYDE; $3.81.