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9 Amazing Things You Can Do with Sugru

Do you Sugru? If you have not yet experimented with this endlessly versatile product, you may be missing out on one of the most useful and fun-to-use tools now available to do-it-yourselfers at all Lowe's stores nationwide.
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Play-Doh for DIYers

Put simply, Sugru is Play-Doh for DIYers. Developed by a small team in London, Sugru starts out as a type of 3D glue you can mold however you want. Once cured, it becomes a flexible silicone rubber that bonds to countless household materials, including ceramic, glass, metal, and wood. Because it’s both waterproof and heat-resistant, Sugru works as well in the bathroom and kitchen as it does in the home office or garage. Look for it at the paint counter at your local Lowe’s, and don’t hesitate to click through to, where you can see some of the many miracles Sugru brings within easy reach.

Get Hooked

Since the product name “Sugru” derives from the Irish word for “play,” it’s no surprise you can use it to create whimsical home accents that are as practical as you want them to be. Here, Sugru allows fallen twigs from the garden to serve as unconventional, delightfully eye-catching wall hooks. Because Sugru forms a secure bond with most materials found in today’s home, fastening the branches to brick wasn’t merely possible—it was actually easy! 

Hands On

Sugru stays fixed in place once cured, and it also remains grippy and soft to the touch. For those reasons, there are countless ways you can use the product to modify things like tools and fixtures to make them more comfortable in the hand. For instance, try putting Sugru “handles” on a tough-to-twist outdoor faucet. Because it’s waterproof, heat-resistant, and UV-resistant, Sugru works great outdoors. No matter the weather, it doesn’t fade, crack, or peel away. 

Defeat Heat

Sugru resists heat up to a whopping 350 degrees Fahrenheit. That means, at least when it comes to stovetop cooking, the product never melts. This property makes Sugru ideal for use on the handles of your cookware to help keep the heat at bay. As a side benefit, Sugru enables you to reshape the handles of your pots and pans to your liking, making your pots and pans more ergonomic and simply more pleasant to work with on a daily basis.

Fast Fixes

Long before a dishwasher cleans the last load of its lifetime, the built-in racks tend to break or develop rust. Both issues compromise your ability to pack in as many dishes as possible. But with Sugru, repairs are simple and fast. Use the product to cover rusty sections or repair damaged ones, and don’t worry—this stuff stands up not only to the heat and moisture of the appliance, but also to chemical detergents, which can be rather harsh.

Start Saving

We’ve all been there: Something breaks, and though the problem may be minor, you end up spending money to replace the damaged item altogether. The next time you’re in that sort of situation, why not save money and make the repair with Sugru? The product comes in 10 colors, and you can even mix your own custom hues, so it’s possible to artfully conceal, or purposely call attention to, the patched area. It all depends on which color you choose. 

Mount Up

Whether you need to consult an online recipe or watch a film while you cook, tablets are a wonderful addition to the kitchen. A range of store-bought mounts are available, but Sugru enables you to achieve a custom solution, all without any screws or nails. And because the product can be removed from nonporous surfaces like tile, you need not commit to any one placement permanently (and if you rent, you don’t need to worry about losing your security deposit). 

Corral Cords

As digital devices grow more ubiquitous in our lives, our homes fill up with ever more unsightly power cords. Restore your sanity by using Sugru to create a cord management station in a room that needs a jolt of organization. With Sugru, virtually any household surface can be added to and made more useful. And because the product can be finely tooled, you can create conduits just large enough to accept and hold any cord, of any diameter.  

Shelf Life

Whereas other glues become brittle and snap in freezing conditions, Sugru is cold-resistant down to -75 degrees Fahrenheit. So if a component of your refrigerator breaks, Sugru can come to the rescue. Use it to fill in a crack or to repair broken shelves or drawers. The only thing to know is that, while the product normally cures in under 24 hours, that process takes longer in the cold (up to 48 or 60 hours, depending on the exact temperature). 

Repair, Don't Replace

Time and again, homeowners are frustrated when the washing machine’s gasket—the seal around the door opening—fails, leading to leaks or floods. This is not the sort of problem you should ignore. If you have Sugru on hand, you can fix the issue yourself, saving on the cost of a plumber. Simply apply the product over the problem area and mold it to match the unbroken portion of the gasket. That’s it!

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