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9 DIYs to String Together with Twine

Twine may not evoke much excitement, but some of these incredibly clever twine-based projects just might. From quick-and-easy DIYs to more elaborate labors of love, these 9 twine triumphs will get you all wound up.

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Break a Record

This bowl looks like it’s 100 percent jute twine—but there’s actually a vinyl record in there! By first softening a record in the oven—with the help of an oven-safe bowl—this DIYer was able to create a decorative bowl by wrapping and gluing twine both inside and out.

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Pretty as a Picture

Wrapped in natural twine, a simple wooden picture frame becomes a stunning accent piece. By removing both the glass and backing from the frame, you can fill the opening with any number of whimsical items—from a set of decorative monograms to a favorite beach find.

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Lamp It Up

This smart DIYer said goodbye to a dated floor lamp and hello to a charming twine-wrapped pendant light. After you’ve wrapped (and wrapped) to your heart’s content, no one will ever know that beneath your stylish pendant lie a hanging flower basket, a plumbing flange, and an inexpensive light kit. Get the how-to at Our Cozy Cubbyhole.

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Letter Perfect

Ordinary papier-mâché letters (found at any craft supply store) can be turned into a thoughtful home accent with the help of a roll of twine. Make sure to wrap tightly and glue often so your natural rope stays in place.

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Take a Memo

If you’re looking for a quick DIY project, this memo board fits the bill. Just string thin twine across a framed chalkboard, securing the ends with a dab of glue or even a staple. Use mini wooden clothespins to display notes, photographs, and memorabilia.

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Highlight the Cord

Why try to hide unsightly electrical cords when you can show them off instead? Embrace and celebrate the cord with bright nylon twine, as shown here. Simply wrap tightly along the length of the cord, then glue the ends to secure.

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Great Garland

If you love the look of natural rattan in your garden, these DIY string lights are for you. Create your own by wrapping jute twine around inflated balloons. Then slather the balloons with a coat of Mod Podge and allow to dry. Once dry, pop the balloon and remove it, then either leave the dried rattan globes natural or spray-paint them in the color of your choice. Thread the balls with lights for a surprisingly sophisticated and romantic look.

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Wrapped and Ready

These tiny twine- or string-wrapped flowerpots are perfect for decorating a lonely windowsill, and they’re great to give as gifts. Spread glue over half of the exterior of a simple plastic pot and begin wrapping your twine, being sure to finish wrapping before the glue has dried. Continue to spread glue in sections until your entire pot is covered.

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Woven Wonder

This stool, a one-of-a-kind thrift store find, gets a full makeover with just twine, leather ribbon, and a little bit of intricate weaving. Although the process takes some time, the results will be worth your while when you have your very own custom piece of furniture. Check out One Fine Pine‘s tutorial to get started.

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