9 Shortcuts to Picking a Paint Color

Choosing the perfect paint color for your living room, kitchen, or bedroom can take a ridiculous amount of time. What starts with a simple tour of the hardware store's paint chip display, can evolve into a pretty painstaking process—especially if you choose the wrong color and have to start all over again. These 9 simple shortcuts will help you select the right paint color every single time.

  1. Define the Mood of the Room

    Decide on the Mood of the Room

    If you want your living room to feel restful, consider soft blues and grays. On the other hand, if you'd like your kitchen to feel vibrant and bright, look into yellows and reds. Whatever the case, by first pinpointing the ambiance you’d like to achieve, you can more quickly narrow your color palette and decide which hue should anchor the room.

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  2. Take Your Color Cue from Small Details

    Take Color Cues from the Room

    Take into consideration your decor before picking out paint. Your couch, a rug, a painting you can’t wait to hang—all of this matters when it comes to choosing a paint color that suits the rest of the room. Before you head to the hardware store to browse paint chips, scan the room for little details that you’d like to highlight and enhance by bringing in a complementary hue.

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  3. Hold Off if Your Home Isn't Furnished Yet

    Furnish Before Painting

    Paint color should actually be the last decision you make for a room. You don’t want to be stuck with an unpleasant color for your bedding set just because you decided to make a bold statement with your paint picks.

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  4. Don't Forget to Factor in Lighting

    Factor in Lighting

    Before finalizing your paint color, be sure you first see what they look like in all different types of light. Most hardware stores have light boxes available so you can test the color without lifting a paintbrush. Using a light box, test your favorite paint chips in natural daylight (that will show it’s truest tone) before investing in a gallon or more.

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  5. Always Do a Color Test

    Test Color on the Wall

    You don’t have to paint the entire wall to visualize the final results. Start by painting a small corner of the room, then let it dry and give it a second coat. If you love the look, proceed. If not, it’s back to the drawing board.

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  6. Put Up a Poster Board

    Hang Painted Posters on Walls

    If you’re concerned about messing up the current state of your living room by covering a corner of the wall with a series of different hues, there’s another tactic. Cover white poster boards with the colors you’re considering, then tack them up to the wall and stand back. It’ll still give you a sense of the color without leaving a permanent mark.

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  7. Make Sure the Color Complements Furniture and Flooring

    Make Sure the Color Complements Furniture and Flooring

    When testing a paint color, there's more to consider than what it looks like against a white wall. You should see what it looks like as a backdrop for your artwork, your favorite chair, even your wood flooring.

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  8. Go with the Flow

    Pick a Shade That Complements Other Room Colors

    In most homes, you can see a part of the color on your living room wall from the dining room or kitchen—whatever room is right beside it. That's why it’s important to consider whether or not the new color you’re introducing complements—or clashes with—the palette running through the rest of your home.

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  9. Customize Your Color

    Mix Your Own Shade

    If you’re still at a loss for which color to choose, remember that most stores that sell paint will help you mix together a custom color to match a swatch of fabric or a print (like custom drapes or an artistic focal point with the accent color you’d like to bring out).

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  10. Don't Miss!


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