Double-Duty Furniture: 9 Affordable Favorites That Save Space

The world of furniture is getting pretty cutthroat. A simple ottoman with a dream can’t make it anymore. Now, if a piece of furniture wants a starring role in your home, it has to be a little flexible with its job description—to offer both a place to rest your feet and a place to store your old DVDs; a spot to sleep and a spot to hide your dirty laundry. These hard-working furnishings from Wayfair can add a little versatility (and efficiency!) to your space.

The Trendsetter That Started It All

Medicine Cabinets with Mirrors

Medicine cabinets were the pioneers of the double-duty furniture phenomenon. They’ve been around forever, quietly stowing away your most-used toiletries while helping you get a better look at that pimple. Available at Wayfair, $159.99.

King of the Kitchen

Kitchen Island Cabinets

Is there anything this kitchen cart can't do? Sure, it can hang your towels, store your olive oils, hide your blender, and hold your flatware. But once you close all the doors and drawers, it also makes the perfect classy place to display your latest killer brunch spread. Available at Wayfair, $448.99.

Why Don't You Sleep On It?

Bed Frames with Storage

Just imagine it: The alarm rings, and (after hitting snooze and sleeping for 20 more minutes) you sit up to find that everything you need is…well, right there! See you later, floor-hogging dresser—this piece's built-in storage lets you literally roll out of bed and get dressed. Available at Wayfair, $689.99.

Grow Your Own Lawn Seats

Planter Bench

If you’ve been staring at the empty spot on your patio for months wondering, “Should I build a bench or a planter? Bench or planter?” The answer is, “Yes.” Now you can have it all. Available at Wayfair, $280.99.

Baby's First Lesson in Efficiency

Crib with Changing Table

It’s so nice to meet you, Best-Parent-In-The-World! There’s a lot of competition out there, but you can clinch the title with this combination crib and changing table that minimizes time between a dirty diaper and a clean diaper. The trophy should arrive in 7-10 business days. Available at Wayfair, $267.69.

'Round-the-Clock Comfort

Convertible Sofa Bed

Sofa by day; bed by night. Pull out the calendar now to start penciling in weekend visitors, because everyone is going to want to sleep on this ultra comfortable piece. Available at Wayfair, $1,799.00.

Take a Load Off

Wood Storage Bench

Shelf storage is so last millennium. With double-duty furniture like this storage bench, you can hide your various items in secret spots all over the house! Your guests will never know they’re sitting on top of a treasure trove of old T-shirts you just couldn’t part with. Available at Wayfair, $159.99.

A Place to Rest His Paws

Pet Bed

The dog days are over when you bring home this multi-functioning pet bed. Your pooch just has to lift up that luxurious cushion (likely with the help of you and your opposable thumbs) to find all of his favorite bones, chew toys, and accessories. Now that's living the dream. Available at Wayfair, $62.99.

Extra Storage Underfoot

Leather Storage Ottoman

The key to walking the fine line between a cluttered lifestyle and hoarder status is organization. But no one said your organizational system had to make any sense. Go ahead and throw whatever you want into these ottomans—then rest your weary feet on them. Available at Wayfair, $148.99.

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