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Family-Friendly Floors: 5 Top Options for Busy Households

Pets and children put homes to the test. Which types of floors are up to the challenge?

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A Floor for Every Family Member

What makes a family-friendly floor? If you have pets and children in the home, look for a hard-wearing floor that can retain its looks in spite of the bumps and bruises it’s bound to encounter over its lifetime in a bustling household. Lumber Liquidators offers a range of resilient yet beautiful products suitable for virtually any style of room. Click through now for a glimpse of the exciting options waiting for you out there!

Vintage Honey Oak

A traditional choice that’s served generations of families, oak scores high on the Janka hardness scale, the industry standard measurement for resistance to denting and wear. Vintage Honey Oak features a wire-brushed finish that not only lends a sense of history, but also disguises any imperfections that pets and children might cause over the years.

Antique Strand Bamboo

Twice as hard as oak, Antique Strand Handscraped Bamboo—produced by compressing shredded bamboo fibers under extreme heat and pressure—makes for an optimal choice in rooms with a lot of foot traffic. Not only is bamboo exceptionally strong, but many consider it to be an eco-friendly flooring choice, because the rapid-growing grass is a sustainable resource.

Natural Australian Cypress

With cream and honey tones punctuated by dark, irregular knots, Natural Australian Cypress possesses characteristics that are at once both exotic and rustic. That’s a rare combination for any wood floor, let alone one with a resilience that over time matches that of oak. Plus, how can you argue with a 100-year manufacturer-backed guarantee?

Mora Cork

More durable than it sounds, cork flooring bounces back where other floors might develop damage due to impacts or friction. Particularly for crawling and occasionally tumbling kids, cork can be a comfortable, forgiving surface. Mora Cork features rich brown coloration and a sleek, natural finish that looks equally at home in modern and traditional spaces.

Lake Fork Creek Cedar Vinyl

Vinyl—it’s as durable and low maintenance as ever and now comes in countless styles, including some that emulate wood, such as Lake Fork Creek Cedar Vinyl. While moisture is the enemy of wood and cork floors, it’s no problem for vinyl. That makes vinyl a first-rate selection for any room that’s likely to witness wet paws or accidental spills.

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