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Flowering Climbers: 8 Cures for the Common Garden

Grow your garden from ordinary to extraordinary with flowering vines that add a beautiful new level of interest to your landscape.

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Movin' On Up

A lush climbing vine can bedazzle any corner of your garden, or it make even the most derelict doorway look romantic and enchanting. Though unable to bear their own weight, these climbers’ tensile strength allows them to twist and turn in ways no other plant stems can imitate. Click through to feast your eyes on eight of our spectacular favorites.

Morning Glory

Heavenly Blue, with its brilliant shades of indigo, may be the most iconic representative of the morning glory species. Blooming brightly in the mornings, the color of the flowers tends to recede when the sun gets strong later in the day.


A member of the pea family, wisterias might very well be the most show-stopping of all vines. The Chinese and Japanese varieties produce giant clusters of flowers, each over one foot in length! 

Sweet Pea

Blessed with a fragrance as attractive as the ruffles of its flowers, the sweet pea vine is tougher than it looks, provided you get the plant established before the summer heats up. Try the Starry Night variety for greater heat-tolerance, and deadhead frequently to keep this Victorian favorite going longer.

Black-Eyed Susan

While not a member of the daisy family, this vine strongly resembles that famous flower: Bright yellow petals highlight a plush, brown-purple eye. Try the Blushing Susie variety for beautiful shades of red and rose that last through the summer.


Easy to grow in a range of climates, with hundreds of varieties in so many colors, clematis are quintessential climbers. Most like full sun, although some are just as happy in the shade. Water well, provide rich soil, and make sure the plants’ deep roots have good drainage. If you’re tired of traditional purple, try Arctic Queen. For a brilliant red, choose Rebecca.

Passion Flower

The unusual look of the passion flower vine adds perennial interest to your garden, especially when the egg-shaped fruit appear. But don’t snack on the orange harvest, unless you want a stomachache! 

Trumpet Vine

As it attracts pollinators in the summer and lures birds in winter, you won’t be alone in admiring the trumpet vine. But be careful: It can grow very fast, so you won’t want this climber against the house. To enjoy this vine’s bountiful blooms without having to worry about damage, trail it along a lattice fence or arbor.

Pink Jasmine

A thirsty, speedy grower that displays fragrant, pink-white flowers, this evergreen does best in tropical areas (zones 8 through 10). It usually blooms in midsummer, but if indoors, the vine will flower in late winter and early spring.

Delightful Climbing Plants

Whether it’s against a fence, trellis, or wall, these climbing plants will look beautiful in your yard.